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Daniel Brandt: Google As Big Brother. Mind-bending. Read it and think. Google may not be the friend we all think it is. 

Don Park: "Google's popularity is a concern like a volcano growing in your backyard." 

A picture named stutz.gifIs David Stutz leaving Microsoft? Doc Searls says he is. Here's his essay on parting, which is an interesting read. I would go further. It's not just open source developers that Microsoft must learn to work with. They often are just as arrogant and hell-bent on world domination as Microsoft itself. Better to partner with those who accept everyone's right to exist, who assume there will be no world domination, and try to make users more powerful by offering choice everywhere. This is the philosophy of inclusion. There's huge growth here for Microsoft. My foreword to O'Reilly's XML-RPC book remains my best manifesto on this subject. 

A picture named kirkpatrick.gifEvan Williams spots a disconnect in the privacy policy of Tony Perkins' new venture. 

Two very interesting people I met at Tuesday's live blog. Bob Doyle and Betsy Devine. Two new friends in Cambridge for Uncle Gravy. 

Mitch Ratcliffe: "A blog-like radio program would have some readings from a blog each day, but it would also connect bloggers to argue and conduct interviews." 

Okay I give up, how the heck does this work? Tim Bray and Daniel Berlinger sent me an explanation. Here it is.  

GrepLaw is a SlashCode weblog at Harvard Law.  

Wendy Koslow is an adventurous redhead with a brand new Harvard weblog.  

Another Harvard blogger, Charles Murtaugh

Marc Barrot: "I've created a gallery to illustrate, with screen shots, how real Radio bloggers put activeRenderer to work." 

B.Logman: "We know bloggers by their blogs, their views, usually by their names, rarely by their faces." 

Last year on this day I asked if tables are really evil. Now one year later, I long for the simplicity of tables, as I long for the balmy spring weather of February in California. Sometimes things are so confusing you can't tell if something new will complicate or simplify. I'm going to remember this famous homily, no matter how great the pressure, in the future -- If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Perhaps that motto works for foreign policy too? 

Megnut likens US foreign policy to Don Corleone in The Godfather. "Some day, and that day may never come, I'll call upon you to do a service for me." 

6/7/96: "I wish DaveNet were a TV show so I could show you a clip from one of my favorite movies, The Godfather, starring Marlon Brando and eighteen other great actors doing their best work." 

Jonathan Bartlett: "SOAP is an interesting technology for document exchange, but it's role in enterprise computing is highly, highly, highly overrated, and CORBA is a wonderful jewel that so many people overlook out of fear. But really, it's not that complicated." 

Powazek: "I am neither fat nor old." 

The latest Coble controversy, over interment of Japanese-Americans during World War II, continues. Thanks to Ed Cone for providing the links. Coble, if you recall, had plans to open our systems to hacking by Jack Valenti's hired hackers. All this buzz about a Congressperson who tries to attract no attention. Seems the plan isn't working very well.  

Technorati: Top 100 Interesting Newcomers. "A list of interesting blogs that you may not know about, but people are talking about. It is biased towards blogs that have a moderate number of people linking to them, but who have had some interesting original content in the last few days." 

GovExec.Com reviews the last two episodes of The West Wing. I caught it last night but missed last week. Major news. There's now a Bartlet Doctrine. Basically goes like this. We don't tolerate genocide. I support that. How can I vote for him next time around? 

We're trawling for Harvard community members with weblogs. Lance Knobel sends a pointer to Matthew Yglesias's weblog, who Lance finds very interesting. He is a senior, philosophy major; bio. I will, of course, include his site in the directory, when it starts.  

It's even colder today. Unbelievable. About 15 degrees. I can't believe people actually live like this.  

John Teggatz writes: "15 is balmy! Sweater weather! Here in the Frozen Tundra (Wisconsin) It's been 4 below the last few nights and only 3 at 7 am. But even that only qualifies as 'a bit nippy.'" 


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