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Chris and I traded coasts. I took his place on the West Coast, and he took mine on the East, in Boston. He's about to get walloped with the Blizzard of 03. Shhh. Don't tell him.  

Dave Seidel has an amazing story of driving in Boston. I've been there. This time I walked and took cabs and let friends drive me. Works much better. 

5:30PM Pacific -- Back in California. Hey it's good to be back. But driving back from the airport I got itchy to get on the road and do my cross-America drive. Having DirecTV is nice, but JetBlue is cheap -- you only get the crummy stations, all but one has commercials (the exception was playing a Phil Collins concert, not exactly my kind of music, but not bad). I would have killed for Turner Classic Movies. The crew is about as friendly as any other airline. Not sure why people rave about them so much. On TV, they had lots of meaningless nonsense about the upcoming war in Iraq. Good interview with Condoleezza Rice. She wants to ask the demonstrators what they want to do about Saddam. I gave this some thought. She'll never get a meaningful answer. The problem is, in the West we raise people on a diet of intellectual garbage, so when we need them to think, you just get garbage back. I heard General Wesley Clark on Meet The Press. Very good. He's running for President, no doubt about that. He's not even very good at the denials. BTW, one more peeve about JetBlue. There's no way to turn off the TV. Heh. (Postscript: You can turn off the TV, turn the brightness to zero.) Having a TV on in your face is quite a distraction. On the other hand, they could submerge a keyboard in the tray table, and voila, you got a nice laptop built into the seat. I'd like that for sure. 

A few more thoughts about the Blogger-Google deal. People were chirping about Tripod validating weblogs (actually mostly Tripod) and I thought that was hooey. Now, on the other hand, Google offering weblogs, now that is some shit. I hope Pyra made a lot of money -- even better -- got some Google stock. I bet their bandwidth problems are solved now. I hope they keep their independence. I tried to imagine what Google was thinking, but we'll have to just wait until they tell us, if they do. It's probably a good thing for blogging, and probably also a good thing for Blogger's competitors because it's likely to suck in other Google-like companies. It's great that Google decided to buy rather than make. I wouldn't be surprised if the other popular blogging tools had similar deals cooking. Not much more to say at this time. Except.. 

Marc Canter will like this. Evan is now one of John Doerr's denizens.  

One good sign. In all that I've read so far (not too much) about Google and Blogger, I haven't seen the dreaded s-word once. That's a good omen. I think maybe Google just wanted to help out the Internet, and saw that Blogger was struggling, and that it's a good thing, and that they should support it, much as they support Usenet.  

Morning Blogger Notes 

Heading out for the airport I checked my mail and Doc has a bombshell. Google bought Pyra. Very interesting. That sure changes things in the blogging world, and in search engines, and in Google. Now all of a sudden Google has a stake on the content-creation side of things. I will of course be thinking about this on the long flight to California today. See you on the other side of the continent.

Google News query for Pyra.

Dan Gillmor has the details.


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