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Radio: How to backup and restore your weblog

BTW, there's a cool bonus app in there. Blog Browsers. The format Radio uses to back up the weblog is a familiar one.  

Wired: "Frugality is Oddpost's hallmark." 

Denver Post: "It came as a shock to many Japanese Americans when Rep Howard Coble recently told a talk-radio audience in North Carolina that he agreed with the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II." 

Bob Frankston on Boston driving. 

Gary Secondino: "The fun starts when multiple Goofy Space-Shot Asshole drivers converge into one spot." 

Behold Oddpost 2.0 -- and thus the answer to the question -- What became of Oddpost? It lives. 

A picture named gretchen.gifAndrew Falconer: "The majority of United employees I spoke to over the last week seemed more concerned with explaining to me why the issue at hand was not their fault than attempting to connect me with someone who might possibly be able to help me." 

Ed Cone: "Howard Coble has once again run afoul of the Weblog Nation." 

Instapundit picks up the Coble story via Ed. That's great. It'll get the story distribution through the DC pundit crowd now. 

A picture named bloogle.gifBTW, I've been getting all kinds of emails saying that the Google rep did say the deal with Blogger is about synergy. It's also in today's NY Times article. I'm a little too close to this to say that Google has to be really careful about tying their weblog hosting service with their search engine, but it's true anyway. I've heaped praise on Google in the past for their integrity, for not selling placement in search engine results. Everyone is going to be watching to see if they tilt the search table to favor their weblogs. And even if they don't we really do need a second search engine, in case there's too much synergy. 

Microsoft's Matt Williams compares Sharepoint to weblog tools. BTW, to Matt, UserLand's products run on all versions of Windows (and Mac). You don't have to use Unix. Also, both products, Radio and Manila, are also more than weblogs. 

BBC quotes British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw saying it would be "very difficult indeed" to "take military action in order to disarm Saddam Hussein's regime if the British public opposed attacking the country." 

I've always wondered if Mr Straw knows that his name is the title of a Grateful Dead song. This is why weblogs are so revolutionary. Just kidding. 

I got a form response from American Airlines to my letter.  

Guardian on TiVo: "US subscribers have discovered that their box is automatically switched to the Discovery Channel two nights a week to download commercials and trailers and when they switch their TV on the following morning, it is tuned to Discovery." FYI, mine doesn't work that way. 

Bob Frankston on Boston Driving 

A picture named frankston.gifBoston driving is like the Internet -- you have to take responsibility for your own survival and not rely on the benevolence of those between points A and B. Why do you think the end-to-end principle was developed here! Of course, now that I-90 goes to Logan even a visitor can find it. They gave both direction of the Ted Williams Tunnel the same name! It was so much fun to see people looking for the Sumner Tunnel which they took from the airport since you have to take the Callahan to get back. Ever since they changed the rules to give priority to cars leaving the traffic circle we've lost the edge. And requiring all cars to stop at stop signs -- what a waste. It wasn't that way when I took my driving test (really -- 2nd and 3rd cars didn't have to stop).

Just get a car, close your eyes and enjoy the experience. Just remember that green means proceed with caution, yellow means accelerate and red means look both ways for cops.


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