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Forbes: Google Goes Blog-Crazy

Online Journalism Review reports on a workshop at Columbia to teach journalists how to write for the Web using Photoshop and Dreamweaver, which are excellent graphic design tools. Weblog tools are more appropriate for writers. 

A picture named bollinger.gifInteresting times at Columbia. The president of the university, Lee Bollinger, was looking for a new dean for the school of journalism, but put the search on hold to form a task force to determine what "a preeminent school of journalism should look like in the contemporary world." That's good because journalism is changing. "A critical, but not exclusive, question concerns what and how future journalists should be taught," said Bollinger. 

Jamie Kellner, the Turner exec credited with the quote about bathrooms and personal video recorders, has stepped down

Here are the docs that explain how to add popup comment windows to a Manila weblog. I'm also asking Jake to add email notification for comment posts. We should be able to make that work for Radio as well. 

Joi Ito goes blog-crazy too. "I'm enjoying dragging Doc and Dave around and watching the other blogs wiggle as they follow Doc and Dave around." 

A list of "known blogs authored by known (or suspected) Microsoft employees." 

I got a great email from Brigham Stevens who I knew when he was at Marimba in the mid-90s. He reminded me that I gave him $5 to buy an ad on his Commentary Channel, which was a futuristic application of Marimba's technology. He saved the dollar, until he hit some tough times and used it to buy lunch. Good deal. Anyway Brigham wants to know why I'm going to Boston. Fair question. If you've been out of the loop you might not know that I am now a Fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University. Brigham says he remembers parties at my house before the DotCom boom and bust. I miss Arthur and Sammy and President Kimmie. Those were the good old days. But there are plenty of good old days to come!  

Mena Trott (co-author of Movable Type) on the Google-Blogger deal: "The purchase has made an already active space even more exciting and we can only imagine that there will be a flurry of developments in the upcoming months." 

Signed the papers 

This morning we had a little ceremony where I signed the papers to sell my house. Tomorrow the money will arrive in my bank account. No more mortgage payments or property taxes. I have sixty days to vacate. Now the next big thing to do is to decide what to do with all the crap I've accumulated, then drive to Boston. Whew.

February 18 over the years 

Last year on this day Evan Williams said: "It's hard to believe there are people at Google who don't get the Web."

The year before that, on this day, Glenn Fleishman wrote about Google acquiring DejaNews, and thereby rescuing 500 million early UseNet postings.

On this day in Y2K, Montana News Daily, a Manila site that doesn't update anymore, said: "I never thought of Charles Kuralt as a lady killer." Me neither. Voila, a perspective shift. The thing that weblogs are so good at. Guys if you want to get laid you can have an egghead as a role model. Nice. Relaxing. Girls, it's okay to love a geek, even lust for one.

One more. On this day in 1995, I wrote an essay that people still read, that predicted weblogs.

Comments in Manila 

As my attention is turning to Harvard, it's also returning to Manila. It's a good piece of software but there are a few obvious modernizations needed. For example, the Discuss link on every news item really should be Comments with the number of comments in parens. When you click on the link a window should pop up, with the comments for that post. After you close the window the number should change. It's actually turned out to be quite easy because we already have Manila set up as a comment server for Radio. Jake is completing this tonight, and I should be able to test it this morning, Murphy-willing of course.


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