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Ernie the Attorney: "Goddammit. I need a Macintosh!" 

The sign guy at Shea was great. On opening day in the bozo years before 1969 after the first pitch he'd hold up a sign that said Wait Till Next Year. Everyone laughed. It was so true. 

A picture named frank.gifI got a phone call earlier from Noah Glass, I hadn't talked with him in a few years, but he's been reading Scripting News, and he says he got scared when I went in for my heart surgery in June. He followed my recovery, and worried if I was okay now. Thinking about it, I imagine that other people wonder too. I stopped writing about it because I stopped thinking about it. See how that works. A picture named doris.gifMy body is back to full strength, actually a bit more because my circulation is so much better. Bypass surgery, for those who need it, like me -- makes you healthier. So anyway, I do still feel a huge area of numbness where my heart is, it's going to take years for that to go away, if it ever does. That's how surgery works, I know this because this isn't my first surgery. Mostly I don't think about it, I just live my life. I have some kind of disability, but I've gotten used to it. End of story, for today. 

Scott Loftesness is onto something. Weblogs at the Palo Alto Daily News. Ooooh that's a good idea. 

MailEdit is a Mail-to-Weblog callback tool "that allows remote posting of entries to your Radio-managed weblog."  

East Broadway Ron: "I am sure that in some culture there is either a good or bad omen if there is snow on your wedding day." 

NY Times: "Sun's quandary is that its business appears to be alarmingly dependent on high-cost, proprietary hardware at a time when technology trends and customers seem to be headed in the other direction -- toward inexpensive, PC-based hardware that is more like an industrial commodity." 

Scoble reviews Alan Meckler's new weblog.  

Pam: "I've been hit up all day by kids wanting me to do audio blogs with them." 

She uses an audio blogging tool from Macromedia. 

Oliver Wrede: "The hierarchyTemplates Plug-In enables additional templates for Manila sites." 

Doug Ransom: "Has anyone exposed an RSS feed from Microsoft Sharepoint Team Services?" 

SF Chronicle: "The San Francisco Examiner laid off most of its editorial staff Friday." 

Don Park: "It would be great if Examiner can be turned into an outlet for the best blogspace can offer." 

What's new in Python 2.3. 

A picture named open.gifAudblog sounds like something I've been waiting for. Uh oh. The sign up page says you have to have a weblog with one of the supported tools, but the popup menu only has Blogger in it. Ooops. Uhhh. Bummer. Guess I'll have to keep waiting. 

It isn't exactly what I've been waiting for. I think they're doing too much, I don't want them posting to my weblog, I want them to send me a URL of the MP3 they create via email, and I'll link to it from my weblog. If someone with a weblog can't manage that, it ain't much of a weblog.  

Joi Ito: "A story about how Ivan, a meme, is created by Alice and makes his way through weblog space."  

On this day in 1996, Bill Gates wrote an essay for me.  

They're starting to show previews on HBO for the next season of Six Feet Under, which starts next weekend. I love that show. Here's something even cooler. Kathy Bates, is in the cast now. Excellent. Maybe she'll do a nude scene like the one she did in About Schmidt

On this day in 1999, an essay that explains the breakthrough that led to Manila. "We're working on a new breed of content management software, putting the editorial tools right where the writers want them, in the web browser. When they're looking at a bit of text it's just a matter of clicking on a button to edit it. As a writer, this is what I've always wanted when working on the web. Remembering two locations, one for the browser and one on my local desktop, is too taxing for my mind. The flow stops, I have to use my brain to find the stuff to edit, and you'd be amazed how many times that extra work makes me forget why I was going there in the first place." 

There was a screen shot included in the piece. I got an upset email from Jacob Levy asking if George Matesky knew I was broadcasting the fact that I was considering hiring him. Heh. There really was a George Matesky, but he died before I was born. He was a semi-famous anarchist who blew up phone booths in New York. One of the first terrorists. 

2/22/01: "The art that comes from competition, once gone can't be synthesized, it must be recreated." 

I got a little pushback, from a couple of people, about the idea of competing with Google, expressed in the current DaveNet. I think some people see competition as a negative thing, but I don't. I believe in its power. I respect my competitors. You can learn the most from competitors. They understand you better than your friends.  

NY Times: In Utah, Nature's Skyline. I'm really yearning to get on the road. 


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