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News.Com: Blogging Comes to Harvard

ABA Journal: "Ive started getting fan mail now, says Martin Schwimmer, publisher of the weblog called the Trademark Blog. Its safe to say that I got virtually no fan letters when I was just a trademark lawyer. 

Scott Rosenberg's piece about the Davos reporter who got caught saying what she really thinks.  

Sterling Hughes: "Overture, Inktomi and Google will battle it out, and Inktomi is going to get creamed." 

Matt Brown of Macromedia shows how to use Dreamweaver with Radio, thanks to Paolo and eVectors. "Blogging is cool," says Matt.  

256 days since I quit smoking. Yeah, I'm a programmer. Sue me. 

This evening I got something working that I've wanted for quite some time. A community RSS aggregator in Manila. I'll explain it in the morning. I still have another programming project tonight -- to get Radio working with Audblog. We've got the wire we need on the server side, now I have to try to call it from the workstation and see if it works. Fingers crossed. (Postscript: Worked the first time.) Praise Murphy. And Jake has an announcement, but I'm going to let him make it first on the Radio UserLand mail list before pointing to it here. There's gotta be a reward for being in the loop.  

Jake took some great pics of my house and dumpster #2

Ars Technica: "We're probably Harvard's oldest blog, and we're certainly its most popular." 

Now I know for a fact that Ashcroft is crazy. With all the problems in the world, they go after people who sell hash pipes and bongs. Geez Louise.  

A picture named softie.gifMicrosoft's threedegrees sounds really interesting. I read about it in Newsweek, current issue. It's an icon on your desktop that you can drop MP3s on. Then every one of your friends will hear the tune. It's like a group jukebox over the Internet. And you can play games with the icon. All an attempt to get you to switch from AIM or ICQ to Microsoft's Instant Messenger, but with proper bait, a sexy feature or two. It only runs on XP, so I won't be running it anytime soon, unless I buy a new laptop, which I'm thinking of doing.  

Daypop Word Bursts are "heightened usage of certain words in weblogs within the last couple days."  

This is News Quakes, "world news for the lazy," brought to you by the makers of Info Breakfast.  

LA Times: Internet users drive South Korean politics

News.Com: "Overture Services plans to acquire the Web search services of Fast Search & Transfer, another sign that it intends to compete more strongly on the Internet search market." 

Phil Ringnalda has implemented the white-on-orange XML icon in the more politically correct PNG format. 

Dylan Greene did the button in CSS, which is precisely as politically correct as the PNG version. 

Ev plays the age card 

Evan Williams says: "I hope I'm not that cynical when I'm older, just because I've been around the block a few times," about me, quoted here. Heh. I could play the age card too, in the reverse direction, but I won't.

Google is cut from the same cloth as every other Silicon Valley company. They hire from the same talent pool. I saw that last year when we were coordinating on the Google API. They're actually a bit dumber than earlier companies because the dotcom thing was such an incredible distortion field, there isn't any prior art on how to coexist anymore.

So they think they're the center of the universe, and get a lot of reinforcement for that, but it ain't true. It looks like they're going down the predictable path. So what. If you got stock Ev you're going to get a lot of Kleiner Perkins money, and I hope you invest it wisely.

Okay there's a tiny little bit of reverse "age card" stuff. Please forgive me. I mean well.

Selling out 

Now to the substance of what Ev said. I only noticed it after I got rid of the dirty ageist bit in his post. Ev says "Blogger Sells Out, some guy says. Dave, of course, agrees. Sigh."

A lot of entrepreneurs who sell out have a problem dealing with it. Even though they sold out they don't think they did. When I sold out in 1987, I went through the same thing. I am going through it now, living in a house that I sold. Did I sell out? Yes I did. It was raining yesterday and I was thinking how much the garden would love the rain in a couple of months when the sun returns. Ah ah. It won't be my garden then. For all I know the new owner will have already torn down the house and turned the garden into a dirty mess. It's his garden now to do with as he pleases. I don't think he really cares about it, he might not even know it exists. That's how selling a company works too. I was paid a lot of money to give it up. I sold out. Just like Evan did. Fact, not theory.

I knew this about my company a few moments after signing the papers to merge it with Symantec in 1987. Immediately the mood changed. I was given an order. I gulped. It's so strange. Why is he giving me an order? Oh that's right, I work for him now. Oy. This will strike Evan at some point, and I hope he blogs about it. He would make history in doing so.

Why weblogs are cool 

Imagine a News.Com or NY Times article about the deal we're talking about. I might be able to get a sound bite in there, but that would be it. There would likely be a transcription error, so maybe I'd be quoted saying something I don't agree with, and it would also likely not be my best quote. But most important, people reading the article would not likely find out what I really think. And if new information was revealed over time, or for some reason my perspective shifted, that would not be part of the article because they only do one article about any given news event.

Because I have a weblog, I can write about it at length, several times. I can write until I'm finished. If you don't care, that's cool too, you can hit the Back button. But I get to say what I want, and I can get it right, and if I don't there's a fresh empty page tomorrow that I'm going to fill, Murphy-willing of course.


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