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SocialDynamX: "FM RadioStation is a desktop application that enhances the Radio experience by integrating 3 applications: news aggregator, blog publishing tool, and web browser into a single, easy-to-use, unified experience."  

Rogers Cadenhead is trying out FM RadioStation. 

Don Park: "After just a few minute of using RadioStation, I can say I love it. Go try it folks." 

Moving notes. I hate to take up space at the top of today's Scripting News, there are so many good stories and so much good news. So I'm going to write my notes down here.  

Michael Gartenberg: Blogging for Fun and Profit

Eric Muller, the blogger who's been covering Howard Coble's gaffe re Japanese internment, got a call from the Rep himself. Weblogs are becoming more a part of the political system.  

A picture named alsop.jpgBrent Simmons has released an open source implementation of XML-RPC for Cocoa on Mac OS X. The release includes a tiny bit of code that I wrote to encode and decode base64 for XML-RPC binary types. 

CNET is the first RSS source to, according to our monitoring app, deliver over 1 million stories to Radio users. Scripting News isn't far behind, with 954,606.  

David Maizenberg: If Bork Had Blogged.  

Derek Slater has a question about Pressplay. 

Worlds of Ends is a Cluetrainish manifesto by Searls and Weinberger. Of course what they write is right. The Internet is not complex and it resists being made complex. 

Joi Ito raves about NoteTaker for Mac OS X. 

A picture named scottsmall.jpgA Seattle Times review of NoteTaker confirms that the president of the company is the same Scott Love who worked at Living Videotext. Scott understood outliners in ways that no one else did at the time, and I bet he still does. Very smart guy, doesn't cut corners. I'm sure it's a great product, worth buying a Mac to run. And it's nice to see that it supports OPML and can exchange outlines with Radio. Excellent. 

I read this article about Google-Blogger and let it sink in over night. Sorry I don't agree. A Web app that tracks where I go is not creating a weblog.  

The LISFeeds portal is a centralized RSS aggregator for library science professionals. We have a similar aggregator at Harvard Law. 

Russell Beattie rejoices. "The Google Dance has begun," he exclaims. He's the 11th Russell this time around. That's pretty good. Bertrand Russell is number one.  

A picture named rohit.jpgThree years ago today: "I just realized something about Microsoft. To most people, including people at Microsoft, you're either anti-Microsoft or pro-Microsoft. Then thinking about it some more, this isn't just true of Microsoft. It's also true of Apple. And it's also true of Linux. And Open Source. And it's not just about computers either. It's pretty much everywhere. And it's total bullshit." 

Early evening moving notes 

The house is empty.

The movers came at 8:30AM, and took seven hours to pack everything up and move it out. It was an exciting day that began for me at 2AM. I was moving everything around, making sure it would all go smoothly, and it did. Lots of activity. But when the movers left -- surprise -- a totally empty feeling. An empty house is not a good place to be. There's just a tiny amount of furniture here. A friend came over with a sandwich and a drink. We talked. I still felt weird.

Net-net: I may leave early.

PS: My dad is going home on Wednesday. He's walking. He got his mind back and his body. Bravo. He's a strong man. And lots of people prayed for him. Thanks everyone for all the good vibes.

PPS: Prayers to Don Park's family.

The Sims 

SimCity 4 was a disaster for me, but I'm falling in love with The Sims. Can't get enough of it. But I wish I could figure out how to get it to start over. I really screwed up The Goths. Hellllp. They're about to eat their daughter they're so hungry.

I tried going back to the Newbies, but not only does the clown come over for a visit, but the Goths do too, and they eat all the Newbies' food! That's so funny.

One of the things I like about The Sims is that you can write your houses to the Web. I'm not exactly sure what that means yet, but as soon as I figure it out I'll show you.

Hats off to Maxis for producing another totally addictive simulation.


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