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NY Times: "A 20-pound carp about to be slaughtered and made into gefilte fish for Sabbath dinner began speaking in Hebrew, shouting apocalyptic warnings and claiming to be the troubled soul of a revered community elder who recently died." 

One more thing. Driving coast to coast with zero cigarettes was hard work. At every rest stop they try to get you to buy some. Believe me, I would have liked to have smoked a lot while driving. But I resisted. I guess I really quit. Whew. 

Fast Company: How Google Grows

A picture named road.jpgSorting and reviewing pics from the cross-country drive. This one struck me as emblematic. It's got all the elements -- a straight road stretching to infinity. A truck, barely visible far off in the future. Except for the road, no sign of human beings. The next three mountain ranges visible over the horizon.  

Another emblematic pic of a small farm outside Salt Lake. 

Another one of those ironic sign pics

Entering the tunnel at the end of Glenwood Canyon. 

In Kansas they tell you where the Astronauts live. 

And in NY they have tall bridges. 

A picture named iraqreporter.gifA good way to catch up after several days away is to click on the links at Daypop. I found out that reporters are using weblogs to report from Iraq, and that Jason DeFilippo is cloning the interface for It's good that his stuff will work with anything that works with, the not-good part is that he's only made it work with one blogging tool (which I think isn't even correct, how could his server know what blogging tool you're using and why should it care?). The philosophy of XML-RPC is pretty clear, don't know or care what the caller is written in. End of lecture. 

Jason clarifies. Good, that's what I figured. But it was also important for me to make it clear to people who may not understand the technology. There have been examples of products and services coded to work with one app, when they could easily have been made to work with all. As the guardian of XML-RPC I feel it's my responsibility to stand up for its philosophy whenever I can. Jason is a good guy. I knew that before and I still do.  

Wendy Koslow reads like Susan Isaacs. 

Gnome Girl wrote to say that she used to live a few miles from the place I stayed in Pennsylvania. She said I should get out of there quickly. I heeded her advice and beat it out of town first thing the next morning.  

Doc: "We had better than four inches of rain here." 

BTW, I thought I should mention -- today in NY it's in the 60s. I clearly brought warm weather with me, because there are still little piles of dirty snow everywhere. It's been like that the whole way cross the country. I really did bring warm weather with me. As a result, everywhere I go people are in a good mood. I'm tempted to think it's because I'm looking good, great hair or whatever, but it's probably just the relief at the end of a long winter. I called Scoble a couple of days ago and he said a storm was coming in on the West Coast. I felt the relief of a former owner of many leaky roofs in Woodside, CA. "Nothing to worry about there," I said to myself. 

Feedster finally has a name I can use without pissing off Google's attorneys. David Davies comments on RSS search engines. 

Last year on this day Radio's aggregator got a driver architecture. I couldn't say it at the time, but we designed it so that Radio could read the NY Times feeds. Later, once the dust had settled in RSS politics, we quietly switched the Times feeds to RSS 2.0.  

ScottGu explains why building numbers on the Microsoft campus seem haphazard to the uninitiated. This makes sense. I wish someone had told me earlier.  

A picture named minfine.jpg 


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