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BBC: Iraq invasion under way

AP: "The very missiles Saddam Hussein fired at US forces in Kuwait appear to have been the same weapons he either claimed not to possess or agreed to destroy." 

John Robb, ex Air Force special ops flyer, says "Excellent!" to US strategy in Iraq. "It looks like Bush stumbled into the right military strategy: decapitation strikes," he writes. 

Pictures from today's anti-war protest at Harvard. 

A place to comment on today's Scripting News. 

BBC reporters are working weblog-style. Excellent. 

Inside Ventura County has great war coverage

I was interviewed by a wire service, asked how today's events compare to 9/11/01, from the weblog point of view. After a bit of thought, there's no comparison. Today's news is far away from sources accessible to bloggers. There was plenty of time for the big networks and newspapers to get into position. 9-11 was a surprise, blogs can mobilize more quickly, and we have more people in NY and Washington. 

JD Lasica: "With advances in digital photo and video equipment, battlefield images will be available for online distribution almost immediately." 

Paul Boutin, who we trust, fact-checked the Iraqi blogger, and concludes that he probably is reporting from Baghdad.  

Andy Rhinehart has an RSS feed for AP war coverage. Excellent. Click here to subscribe in Radio's aggregator. 

Debka expects the surrender of two Iraqi divisions. "They are the forces charged with defending the oil fields of region and represent two-thirds of the Iraqi army in the south." 

A picture named saddam.jpgWashington Post: "Shortly before 4PM yesterday, Director of Central Intelligence George J. Tenet offered President Bush the prospect -- improbable to the point of fantasy, yet suddenly at hand -- that the war against Iraq might be transformed with its opening shots. The CIA, Tenet said, believed it had a fix on President Saddam Hussein." 

The Age: Saddam appears on Iraqi TV

Non-war news

Entertainment Weekly: "President Bush and French President Jacques Chirac may not be phone pals anymore, but that didn't stop Chirac from discussing Saddam Hussein, the war in Iraq, and other serious issues with another famous American: Jerry Lewis. Except it turns out that the man who had a five-minute phone conversation with Chirac last week wasn't Lewis, but rather a Los Angeles DJ impersonating the comedian." Via Instapundit

A weblog in Baghdad? David Appell has doubts 

NY Times: "Mr Bush sought to tamp down expectations of a quick victory with few casualties by warning that the battles in the days ahead 'could be longer and more difficult than some predict.'" 

BBC: "President Bush confirms the military campaign against Iraq is under way, after explosions rock Baghdad at dawn." 

Reuters: "The strike on Baghdad appeared limited and there was no sign yet of the awesome display of force predicted by military analysts to stun Iraqi troops and sap their will to fight." 

BBC: "Countries around the world have reacted swiftly to the start of conflict in Iraq." 

Tim Rutten: "Cable news came of age during the first Gulf War. Online commentary -- or blogging, as it is known -- may have found its moment in this second campaign against Saddam Hussein." 

Jake: "Two new server-level preferences were released today for Manila's News Aggregator feature." 

BBC: "Three billion Suns would fit into the most distant black hole yet known." 

Lessig: "One reply, from the representatives of the Kinks, demanded $10,000 for permission to reprint the line 'help me, help me, help, me sail away' from the song 'Sunny afternoon.'" 

News.Com: "About a year ago, the New York Times signed a deal with Radio Userland, a content management software developer that produces a news aggregator, which allowed that organization to distribute RSS feeds." Radio UserLand is the name of the product, not the company. The Times feeds are here

News.Com: "Networking giant Cisco Systems on Wednesday said it would buy Linksys, a manufacturer of networking gear for consumers, in a stock deal valued at $500 million." 

Dave Aiello compares Feedster and rssSearch. 

One year ago today, NY Times syndicated for Radio.  

Carl Garland writes: "Never emailed you before but I think I have the only site on the Web that not only lets you make March Madness picks for your own groups but will let you retrieve User Picks, Leaderboards over XML-RPC. My site is kinda a mixture between Yahoo Groups, Blogging, and Creating your own contests. Anyway I have a short blurb about it in my overly weak blog. I hope you will be hearing more XML-RPC stories from me in future and thanks for all your work." 

News.Com: ICANN names new CEO

Grub "provides a free for download, free to run, distributed crawling client, which is used to create an infrastructure (database + volunteers) that will eventually provide URL update status information for nearly every web page on the Internet. Grub's distributed crawler network will enable websites, content providers, and individuals to notify others that changes have occurred in their content, all in real time." Via Evhead

Chris Pirillo's pics of the Google-Blogger party. 



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