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THINK!Well, with a little help from Murphy, it looks like I made my 7PM deadline. Later tonight we will start serving up new weblogs for people. Lots of other stuff happened today. I had a nice talk with Wayne Rosing, VP-Engineering at Google. I got some insight into how the deal with Blogger happened, and how they're working internally. We reaffirmed the love affair the blogging world has been having with Google. Okay, so now they do blogs too. We can still work with them. Let's hope for the best. What did Macromedia do that was so bold? They broke out of the browser. Now Flash is a browser on its own. We don't need no stinkin HTML, DHTML or whatever. And they support XML-RPC and SOAP 1.1. Nice. A no-fud-zone? Keeping our fingers crossed. I also got interviewed by NPR, so if you're listening to the radio this evening and hear a mellow confident booming voice boasting about how weblogs are taking over the world, that's me -- or Scott Rosenberg, they interviewed him too. Also, I'm told this time we will definitely be on NBC News tonight, but in the meantime I have to launch some blogs, so I'm outta here, see you later. Love, Dave. 

Jon Udell on publishing a project weblog

Martin Schwimmer: "I am very happy to make an RSS feed of this web site available to aggregators who make non-commercial use of the feed." 

More work on Berkman weblogs today. The goal is to be open for business at tonight's meeting. In this context, open for business means automatically creating new weblogs for anyone with a address. 

Later today Macromedia will announce a new product, one I've been wanting for seven years. I'll wait until the press release runs before explaining why it is so important, why it will be controversial, and why the controversy won't matter. Postscript: Sorry for the delay. I hit a few bumps in various projects that are underway. My comments on this announcement will probably have to wait till tomorrow. Sorry. 

As a newbie to Boston, I'm glad to be here as they change all the rules about how the main arteries work. They held up completing The Big Dig until I got here. Good thinking. Now everyone is a newbie, not just me. How about that!  

Presidential candidate Howard Dean gave a talk at Harvard last night. He asked an interesting question. Next year, how will we feel when China invades Taiwan because they think they have weapons of mass destruction? Has the new Bush Doctrine, pre-emptive wars, unleashed a philosophy of world power that we may not be so comfortable with? 

Reminder, if you're in Boston tonight and want to learn how our new weblog service works, we're having a meeting tonight at 7PM at Berkman Center, 1587 Mass Ave. If you can't make it tonight, we'll do it again next Thursday and the one after that. If you have a mail address, we can create your weblog tonight, Murphy-willing, of course. 

If you tuned into NBC News last night you would not have seen or heard me, or a story about weblogs. They called last night to say that it got bumped, and has been rescheduled for tonight. Unfortunately I will not be able to watch it (see above) so if some kind soul would record the show (I am without TiVo) and upload the result, that would be super. 

3/27/99: "If you have a news site, a weblog, I encourage you to put up an RSS version of the content so we can flow it thru our templates and out to readers' desktops." 

From the If-You-Ever-Doubted-There-Is-A-God Department. I just finished writing an email to a friend where I said: "I am glad I'm out of the real estate biz. I'm more comfortable in unreal estate." I then checked new mail. One message. Spam. Subject: "Be the next Real Estate Tycoon." Yes there is a god. And he or she is listening. And has a terrible sense of humor.  


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