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Permanent link to archive for Wednesday, April 16, 2003. Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Princeton has an excellent RSS 2.0 feed for its daily paper. They didn't go half-way. They support guid, category, and author. It's as good as any feed I've produced. Of course we subscribed to Princeton from the aggregator at Harvard. These are amazing times in university news. 

Stop the presses. The Dartmouth Review has an RSS feed. This is great! Who's next? 

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale has feeds for news, sports, editorials, entertainment.  

Papa Doc has an idea for a barn-raising for civilization. 

Philip Greenspun: Staying Alive in Small Airplanes

I started a directory for people going to OSCOM. 

Donna Wentworth's photos from iLaw in Rio. This one is my favorite. Both Donna and Charles are so striking, she looking like Young Meryl Streep in The Meryl Streep Movie, and he looking cool like any guy would, sitting next to a beautiful woman like Donna.  

Jeff Jarvis says that Donna actually looks like Laura Dern. Hmmm. I'm going to stick with Meryl Streep

Wired: Beyond Wi-Fi. "The 5 next big things." 

Chicago Tribune: "Some mainstream media organizations don't really know what to do about blogs." 

New sections of the directory browser howto on linkrot and latency of the inclusion cache

Chris is going to hate me for this, but his successor at The Connection, Dick Gordon, is doing a great job. Today he's doing a Boston-area talk show from Baghdad. He's been there before, he's not a newbie. At 10AM Eastern he's going on live. I've got the headphones on in my office at Berkman. I can't wait. This is the most exciting kind of radio. You can listen to the show live even if you're not in the Boston area. 

BBC article from 2000 on the re-opening of the Iraqi museum. A Google search reveals lots more. It's not the first time they've been looted.  

Jon Udell: The Semantic Blog

News.Com: "After being ordered to stop distributing his program that let iTunes users share music over a network, software developer James Speth takes another stab at it." 

iCommune is "an application that extends Apple's iTunes to share music over your network." 

Simon Fell did a clone of the OPML Directory Browser in ASP.NET. 

A new directory with implementations like Simon's. 

A picture named lydon.jpgAbout Chris Lydon's weblog. The show they're broadcasting is on April 27 at 6PM on WGBH. This is the last in the Whole Wide World series they're doing at Berkman with distribution from PRI. Lydon and his producer Mary McGrath are total newbies at weblogs, but not at the concepts behind them. They've been doing call-in shows, including The Connection here in Boston, that pioneered many of the same concepts as weblogs, at the same time we were doing it on the Web. As you know I've wanted to integrate radio and blogging for quite some time. I have hopes to do a radio show and a weblog, as one thing, inseparable, and building off each other. Chris and Mary and their team see the same opportunity, but from the other side. So bear with them as they get on solid ground in the blogging world. I've asked Doc Searls, a radio guy with a weblog and a big heart, to help them out. And I'm asking you too. Let's have fun! 

Adam Curry: "I do a radio show every Friday evening on Dutch national radio." 

Jenny Levine says there are more library weblogs than ever. 

News.Com: Will patents pillage open source? 

According to Don Box, Microsoft is consciously trying to build a Chinese household. Interesting. There's a little problem though. We're all still locked in this trunk, you see.. 

Everyone wants to know: "Did Scoble gets Microsofted or did Microsoft get Scobleized?" 

The warm weather is scheduled to pass. Tomorrow the high is forecast in the 30s with rain. How did this happen to me? I used to pity people in Seattle for their cold rainy weather. Now I may have to go there to warm up! Oh lord. What has become of me. Poor poor pitiful me. 

On this day two years ago, The XML-RPC Man made his debut. Arf! Arf! 


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