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Manila: Easy editing of Navigation Links. This is the release of the Wiki Blogroll Editor. Now available on all UserLand-hosted Manila sites and to current Manila subscribers. Screen shot

We're doing maintenence on the Berkman weblog server starting at 11PM Eastern tonight. It should last between one and three hours, Murphy-willing. 

Next set of features for Manila -- optional human-authored summaries for long weblog posts, along with the option, on a per-post basis to include the summary or the full text in the RSS feed. This is the solution for the conundrum that's been circulating in RSS-Land: should feeds include the full posts, or summaries? The answer is to let the author make the decision, and it's not a global, it's made on a per-post basis. The default is full text so people who do short posts never have to think about it. Along with this we'll have both sides of Trackback. We're testing with Moveable Type, but both sides will work without MT. It's not my #1 feature, but it's clear many users want it, so it's going in.  

Matt Neuburg reviews NoteTaker, the Mac OS X outliner from Aquaminds. 

These menus are the "creations of Charlie Ayers, former chef for the Grateful Dead and current head chef for Google, Inc." 

Don Box describes "a magic directory that acts like a transmit queue." That's upstreaming. A lot more to it than meets the eye, and it's exactly what should be baked into the OS (with open APIs for apps to hook in). Maybe this is the moment we can really collaborate on this stuff.  

Philip Greenspun: "Pick a college based on whether the town is a reasonable retirement destination." 

SJ Merc: "Two record labels filed suit Monday against Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, accusing the venture capital firm of contributing to widespread Internet music piracy through its financial support of Napster." 

Ryan Tate, 8/4/00: "Legal experts say there is a good chance the flush venture capital firm Hummer Winblad stands to lose more than its $13 million investment in Napster Inc. if the music-swapping firm is fined for music piracy." 

Karlin Lillington: "Just back from a lovely hour and 45 minutes with one of my favourite writers, William Gibson." 

Howard Coble defends the RAVE Act. 

BBC: "An Indian wedding party has been quarantined after the bride tested positive for the Sars virus." Ouch! 

Kamat: "Add the business of Periodicals (industry magazines, and journals) to the list of industries decaying with trouble." 

Dive Into A Remedial Reading Course.A Bryan Bell Manila feature request. His requests immediately go to the front of the queue, as far as I'm concerned. Yesterday's Blogroll Wiki Thingie was a pure Bryan design. He gave me the mockup and I just copied it in code. I love working that way. I'm getting accolades for the elegance in design. All I did was write the code (it wasn't simple, but it was straightforward). Going back to my comment about designers and programmers working together in 2003. A few flamers saw it as an anti-CSS rant. Oy they need to brush up on their reading skills. The words were clear. "I think of designers as people who make me look good, not as political advisors." The basis for programmers and designers working together -- they make me look good. I'll put your ideas in motion. Win-win. A lot of designers miss something important, or forget it -- we're not designers, we don't think like you. I asked Bryan to put together a clear list of do's and don'ts so I don't make him mad. I like working with him, and want to continue to.  

Halley's Comment: "I have this idea. My idea is that we went horribly astray in the 80's and 90's mistaking business for sex." And in this century we mistake blogging for sex.  

Redhead: "My blog is better company than a lot of the boyfriends I've had." 

Deborah Branscum: "I don't understand what CNN officials would have lost by choosing to leave Baghdad." 

Princeton: "Yesterday, Death Penalty Awareness Week began with a lecture by Ray Krone, the hundredth innocent man exonerated from death row after a wrongful conviction." 


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