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InfoWorld: Are you ready for RSS? This is the second publication that has recently given me (appropriate) co-invention credit for RSS. Thanks.  

BTW, I'm trying to accentuate the positive, hoping that the few holdouts who begrudge me credit for my creation with RSS would get a clue that they are looking worse and worse all the time. Eventually I will have to raise the issue publicly, and ask those who say I didn't co-author RSS to prove it. I'm sure I can prove that I did. It's important, esp now that I am in academia, where these issues mean a lot. Not that they don't mean a lot to commercial developers. Everyone should get credit for what they contribute, don't you agree? 

Of course some people will flame over the above paragraph. I have something to say about that, a bit of wisdom from Martin Nisenholtz at the NY Times. At one point in a phone conversation a couple of weeks ago, when trying out an idea for their archive, I responded by saying "People will flame about that," to which Martin said "That's not fair." I thought about it, and realized that of course he was right.  

PBS ran a segment on blogging on News Hour last night. 

A picture named katzs.gifDoc Searls is hosting a dinner on Thursday night in NYC at Katz's Deli. It's not only the site of Meg Ryan's famous orgasm scene in Harry Meets Sally, but also the site of a famous blogger's dinner in 2000, hosted by yours truly and attended by many people including Adam Curry and Joel Spolsky. Katz's slogan is "Send a salami to your boy in the Army."  

10/23/00: "New York, of course, is the capital of greasy food." 

I'm tempted to go to Doc's dinner in NY, but I can't. It would mean missing the Thursday evening weblog-writer meeting at Berkman. I can't do that. What's really frustrating is that I will be in NY on Friday, which is my birthday (you knew that, right?) and I want to spend this birthday with my parents. BTW, get this -- Dad is driving now. Here's what I want for my birthday. When he was unconscious and in Intensive Care at Flushing Hospital in November, and things weren't looking very good, one of the Physician's Assistants, a young guy named Danny, said he had patients in my father's condition recover and bring him cookies. That idea stuck with me all through the ordeal, I saw Danny a few weeks later when things didn't look any better and I shook his hand and thanked him for his courage, and told him I'd bring my Dad back with cookies. Well, that's what I want for my birthday -- I'd like to introduce him to Danny, and bring some nice home-baked cookies with us, of course. It's schmaltzy, but then I'm a schmaltzy guy. 

Someone actually wrote an open letter to me. Flattering. I don't plan to get rid of my blogroll. The world doesn't revolve around Google, even though sometimes it seems that way.  

Smug Canadian: "The reason Google is skewing web importance to 'A-List bloggers' right now is because many of these A-List bloggers have done a lot of work to get there." 

Apple: "The revolutionary iTunes Music Store puts 200,000 songs at your fingertips." 

Derek Slater: "My favorite part of the release is Steve Jobs saying, 'The iTunes Music Store offers the revolutionary rights to burn an unlimited number of CDs for personal use.' Funny, I don't find that revolutionary at all, given that I've burning copies of CDs for the last 5 years." 

TidBITS: iTunes Music Store Takes the Stage

News.Com: "The software will be able to read music files encoded with ACC, a format that Apple says 'compresses much more efficiently than older formats like MP3...while delivering quality rivaling that of uncompressed CD audio.'" 

Register: "You're out of luck if you live outside the US -- the only territory in which the service is available. It's Mac-only too." 

Jenny: "I'm here at MIT talking about blogging!" 

Brent Simmons: "ServerBeach sucks." Doing my part. 

Scoble says I'd whack him with a 2-by-4 if he screws up at Microsoft. Not exactly. I actually said I would kill him.  

On this day in 2000, a decision to split Microsoft in two, that would eventually get overturned. At Harvard I've met a couple of lawyers who were in the Clinton Justice Dept, prosecuting the case. I say the same thing to each of them. "You screwed up." They nod their heads in agreement. Microsoft got off the hook. But at least we don't have to argue with Microsoft people (like Scoble) about the competence of their competitors. If they were so incompetent, why bother to cut off their air supply? 

Ed Cone: "The News & Record's intro to weblogs gets posted. I'd give it a C+." 

Phillip Pearson released his OPML Directory Browser, in source, under the MIT license. This document explains how to implement an OPML Directory Browser. 


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