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Alternet: MSNBC's Banfield Slams War Coverage. "We got rid of a dictator, we got rid of a monster, but we didn't see what it took to do that." 

It's been a writing day, doing an op-ed for tomorrow's Crimson. A new experience. The unedited piece will run tomorrow as a DaveNet. A bit that got edited out: "Like cholesterol there are good lawyers and bad lawyers. I work with the good ones." 

Happy birthday to Python Community Server, a clone of the backend of the Radio UserLand community, written in Python of course. The cloneability of the backend is something that the Microsoft developers have yet to discover (or so I think) and when they do, boy are the bulbs going to light up. SOAP has a greater purpose than I imagine they imagine. 

News.Com: "Tapping into the chat functions built into software programs such as Kazaa and Grokster, the RIAA on Tuesday started sending automatic messages to people who are providing copyrighted songs online, warning them that they're breaking the law." 

Dan Bricklin has been emailing with people at Berkman about the Creative Commons licenses. I urged him to write about his concerns publicly and he has done so.  

Today at Berkman we got a presentation on PRX. 

Keola: "Let me start by saying that I love iMusic." 

Tristan Louis: "Whatever the extent of Apple's DRM, it must be firm enough to quell the record companies' fear of piracy." 

Megnut: "Whine whine whine. I want an iPod now." 

JY Stervinou debugs the XML interface for Apple's iTunes. 

Danny Goodman (via email): "It appears the pricing values are in mils. Looking ahead to micropayments perhaps?" 

Ed Cone is thinking of running for office. Yes! 

Micah Alpern on the News Hour blogging segment. 

Howard Kurtz: "It seems this morning that bloggers have taken over the world. Or at least the 2004 presidential campaign." 

Jon Udell: Blogs and InfoWorld

Dear Paolo, I can't buy music at Apple's store since I use a Sony laptop, not a Mac. 

Karlin Lillington on Apple's iMusic service. I support what she says and go further. Not only are CDs too expensive, but the distribution system often doesn't carry the music I want. And one more thing, it bothers me that the artists aren't getting any of the money. How do Apple users, many of whom are creative, feel about that? 

I still have to process my pics from WGBH on Sunday. In the studio all the computers are Windows PCs. In the offices, they're Macs. I got to wander around, since it was Sunday. I notice these things.  

Critt Jarvis is one of my political advisors for 2004. 

Two years ago: "There were people at Microsoft, notably Ben Slivka and Brad Silverberg, who would probably have endorsed my proposal that the browser be in a separate company, and not tied to Windows." 

Three years ago: "Excise the browser, embrace WINE." 

Two views of Groove on Jeroen Bekker's weblog today, one positive, one negative. 

PRX at Berkman 

Today at Berkman we got a presentation on PRX, which stands for Public Radio eXchange. It's a B2B marketplace connecting producers of public radio shows to radio stations, alongside NPR and PRI. It's not for you and me, an ordinary person can't access the content in the PRX database, unless we're one of their reviewers. There's a fatal flaw, imho -- the producers of the content don't insist on getting paid, and the users of the content don't want to pay. Yet their business depends on money flowing between the two. They say the alternative is an MP3.Com type arrangement, which of course isn't attractive because it was based on dotcom money from the public market and you can't get that kind of money anymore, and was ultimately taken out by an RIAA lawsuit. (I guess they're owned by Vivendi now.)


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