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I haven't looked in a while, but over 200 weblogs claim Scripting News as its parent on Blogtree. I find it really touching, no sarcasm, to have inspired so many. What got me to look was a notice that Davezilla has linked in. That's cool, I really like that blog. Right on. 

Meanwhile UserLand is promising Frontier 9.1 for release on May 19. That's really soon. All the stuff Jake and I worked on and more. Manila is going to get a lot of improvements. The Movable Type people will be glad to know that Trackback support is on the list, with lots of interop testing to be sure it works with all flavors of Trackback. Manila is following their lead, precisely, no gratuitous innovation or incompatibility.  

My talk went well even though the discussion wasn't that spirited. The only sparks flew when Alan Kay (yes the Alan Kay) pointed out that narcissism is a personality disorder. I actually knew that, I was just trying to deflect an ad hominem from another famous cyber geek -- JP Barlow.  

I'm putting together a page with pointers to give people a tour of the infrastructure behind communities of weblogs. I'm going to show a global community (Weblogs.Com) and a local one (Harvard Law School). They use the same protocols.  

Chris Gulker is researching a crawler called Cyvelliance. He thinks it's working for the music industry and watching sites of their critics, including this site. 

Turns out it's no big deal that I can't blog this conference. I have no idea what they're talking about. For some reason people who talk about spectrum think that everyone they talk to are expert in the same things they're expert in. I have absolutely no idea what they're talking about. "Blah blah blah blah blah. Let's get back on track here so I can continue to bore you to death with a bunch of strung-together buzzwords. Spatial filters for each user. Blah blah blah blah blah. Big piece of low-hanging fruit. I don't care if you fall asleep. Blah blah blah blah blah." 

This review of blogging APIs is a must-read. I've been thinking about rounding out the MetaWeblog API to incorporate all the functionality of the Blogger API because Blogger is moving away from it's own API if you can believe that.  

A picture named barlow.jpgJohn Perry Barlow greeted me here at the TTI conference. We chatted a bit. He asked what I'm doing at Berkman (where he is also a fellow). "Starting lots of weblogs," I said. He said he thought weblogs are like poetry when he was in college, lots of people writing, very few people reading. I hear stuff like that all the time, often from people like Barlow who are accomplished writers in other media. It's not really a valid comparison. Much weblog writing is functional, not artistic. Jon Udell, below, writes about SpiderPhone because he wants to tell you about a piece of technology that interests him. The writing helps him sort it out, even if no one were to read it. Other examples, a weblog for a class, a weblog for a patient in a hospital. These are utilitarian things, they simply facilitate a higher level of communication. Instead of comparing it to poetry, compare it to something more prosaic, like a telephone, but of course weblog-writing is different from communicating using a telephone.  

Jon Udell: "SpiderPhone is a really clever piece of work." 

Ed Cone reports that blow jobs are still illegal in NC. 

Note: I don't speak today until 3:45PM. If they have WiFi in the meeting room, I may do a lot of blogging today. PS: We do have a connection here, but they don't want me to blog the sessions publicly. I wonder if there are any Scripting News people in the audience here. If so, send me an email PPS: If you send me an email don't wait for a response. For some reason outbound email doesn't work for me.  


Adam Curry found an XML aviation weather server. 

Six years ago, one of my favorite stories. 

Roland Piquepaille reports on the Internet in space. 

Paul Graham: The Hundred-Year Language

A picture named sunriseHorizon.gifSunrise in Denver was very beautiful this morning, so I pointed my camera out the window of my 23rd floor hotel room, and took some pictures. The cool thing about picture-taking in 2003 on the Internet, is that the pics may be on the Web before the sunrise in the Pacific time zone. Still have to work on making it three-step easy to take a sequence of pictures and have them on the Web without memorization and repetitive work. There's a killer app lurking in here, I can feel it. 

I'm back in the West, now the East has been up for a few hours and it's already afternoon in Europe. I have keep reminding myself. This is the weirdest time-shift yet, going back west. Can you go "back west?" 

The Syndication list now has a code of conduct. This apparently small event could change the way the RSS community works, in a good way. It gave me an idea on the long plane flight from NY to Denver yesterday. Should we codify the idea, perhaps with the help of lawyers, to be a charter that any mail list can adopt? Say what's allowed and not, and be sure everyone who subscribes sees it.  


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