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Note from Google PR. "Google and the Pyra team are working to improve the Blogger service and to develop new innovations in weblog search. Just want to be sure you know that there's been no consideration of removing weblogs from our index." 

A picture named godin.jpgSeth Godin of Fast Company has a plan for world domination. He's encouraging people to pass around his new book, 99 Cows, via email, or post it to the Web, hoping everyone will go to Amazon to buy a copy. His plan seems to be working. His book is in the Amazon Top 100 this week. Disclaimer: He writes glowingly about yours truly on page 25. I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy.  

NY Times: "The US government proposed the most significant overhaul of its media ownership rules in a generation today." 

Blogrolling.Com is getting an XML-RPC interface. Cool! 

Don Park: "Sit down Professor, I was complaining about the pain in my butt, not the Meaning of Life." 

Chris Lydon has mastered the art of text wrapping around pictures. Scroll down. There's a lot there. 

I just heard David Weinberger on NPRs Here and Now, talking about Emergence, Social Software and Wikis. He's good on the radio. I still think Social Software is a bad idea. Ray Ozzie thinks it's a good idea, btw. 

Ed Cone: "Try weird stuff, see what works." 

Dann Sheridan is looking for a Manila programmer. 

Register: "I've got a news bulletin for you. The richest man in the world just stiffed me for $6.00!"  

One year ago today, a piece that's looking better every day, about monoculture as an artifact of the 20th century. 

Late last night I posted a perspective on Microsoft and how they "work" with independent developers. Simon Fell, one of those indies, had posted a provocative item on his weblog, saying that interop in RSS will, of course, mean Works With Microsoft. And Dare Obasanjo, a Microsoft developer, agreed with him. This is something I've heard before, many times, in hallways in Redmond, but never in public, on the Web, quotable, visible for all to see.  

Danny Ayers appreciates a link from Scripting News.  

5/13/98: B.O.G.U.  

A simple admonition 

I rant and rant about the benefits of weblogs, and why they work so much better than other forms of communication.

Today, I'm going to fess up about one of the weaknesses; probably not just of weblogs, but of all writing and reading on the Internet. Here's the problem. People don't read before they write.

Take, for example, this very long lecture from Professor Bray on the ins and outs, costs and benefits, of REST vs RPC. For the 890,000th time. I'm so bored with this. I made a point of carefully reading every word in his diatribe and then went for a drive to get some coffee, before writing him an email asking if he had actually read the tiny little article I wrote that he was responding to.

When I wrote it, I was aware that some people would immediately jump to the conclusion that it was an anti-REST rant, and then ram a baseball bat up my butt to punish me. So I carefully wrote it so that if someone actually bothered to read it, they would realize that I was presenting the results of an engineering project.

Hey I had actually implemented a REST interface. What do you know. But I get a lecture on why REST is better. Oy. Any engineer knows there are always tradeoffs. Time vs space. Time-to-code vs maintainability. Bray is a smart guy. So why doesn't he respond to what I said? Why does he use me as a foil to receive a lecture that I've heard over and over. No Tim, I wasn't wrong. I did have to reimplement much of XML-RPC to get access to Sifry's app. I only did it because I was curious. More work? Then I have to be more curious. And btw, it's also more fragile, as I found out on Day 2, when Sifry changed the interface, and I had to go back and dig through my code that I shouldn't even have had to write. Your rant doesn't address the point of my piece. Come on Tim, let's raise the level of discourse on the Web. We're both practicing engineers. Let's show people how we really work, not in some religious mode, but in an pragmatic, let's-figure-this-out-together mode.

So anyway, this is not a REST rant, but of course if you haven't read this far you don't know that. ;-> What it is is a plea to people to read before you slam. Read carefully, think, consider all the angles, before you assume that the author is a terrible person who deserves your pity or ire.


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