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MSNBC: Microsoft, AOL settle browser suit. MS pays AOL $750 million. Web developers get $0. Web users get a buggy browser. Looks like AOL is switching back to MSIE. Rob Enderle is quoted in article, says AOL is divesting Netscape. Huh? Article written by Jon Bonne, the guy I debated. 

Other reports: AP, News.Com

A picture named hope.jpgDonna got the soundbite at my OSCOM keynote today. There's something for everyone, whether you like Bill Gates or Richard Stallman, or neither. Before that I told the story of how XML-RPC came to be, and how Eric Raymond liked it so much. Then I hazarded a guess that if Eric had dinner with Bob Atkinson, one of the co-designers of XML-RPC, that they'd agree on a lot, and probably enjoy each others' company, even though Bob is a senior guy at (you guessed it) Microsoft. Had I chosen a song for the keynote it would have been Give Peace a Chance. And in honor of Bob Hope's 100th birthday we could have played Thanks for the Memories. 

Caleb Crain: Tea in Iraq

News.Com: "SCO Group Chief Executive Darl McBride said a published report that his company may take legal action against Linux founder Linus Torvalds was overstated." 

Nullsoft: "WASTE is a software product and protocol that enables secure distributed communication for small (on the order of 10-50 nodes) trusted groups of users." 

Good news. Brent Simmons is editing Rogers Cadenhead's book about Radio. He tripped over, which is new since he worked on the code. It is kind of funny, in the old days apps were things that ran on your computer. They still are, but after SOAP and XML-RPC they could just as easily be running on a server farm. The Google verbs are damned useful, I used them to construct my weblog search engine, which I use several times every day. 

Alan MacCormack: The True Costs of Software

It's Thursday and we will be having our usual Thursday evening weblog writers session. 

Mark Leighton Fisher: "I am agnostic about Open Source vs Closed Source." 

A picture named peng.jpgDaily Princetonian: "This past semester, the nationwide debate over file-sharing and online music theft hit the University in a personal way as the Recording Industry Association of America, a trade group representing the interests of the major record labels, sued sophomore Daniel Peng for what could have been billions of dollars." 

BBC: "Apple is clamping down on piracy by imposing restrictions on the way that music downloaded from its iTunes service can be shared." 

Not much response yet to my piece about weblogs, RSS and blogging APIs. This is an area where users can have great influence, now. Later, probably not. I've tried to explain the issues in non-technical terms, yet of course as soon as words like APIs and XML appear a lot of ordinary people tune out. But this is where the politics of the software world is played. And later, when it's AOL vs Microsoft in the blogging wars, you can be sure that users will have absolutely no say in the outcome. 

Survey: Will blogs wipe out professional journalists? 

That's a re-run of a survey we did one year ago today. The results then were quite interesting, and I wanted to see if, one year later, anything had changed. 

Register: "Whirling Dervishes Software, the company founded by Windows API expert Henk Devos, claims to have broken Microsoft's monopoly on applications that reside in Windows Explorer." 

I've given Tim Bray his share of grief, but in this piece about the state of CSS, he nails it. I esp like the bit about rocket science. Right on.  

4/17/03: This is simple, and it does what I want

NY Times: "Some of Mr. Bragg's colleagues on the national staff had exchanged phone calls and e-mail messages, angered by comments from Mr. Bragg suggesting that it was routine for Times correspondents to rely on freelance contributors to do the bulk of the reporting on some articles." 


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