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Scoble: "Our products are too freaking hard to use." 

8/26/99: "Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, check this out. You have less to fear from Sun, Netscape or AOL. Your worst enemy is in the corridors of Redmond. Go set up one of your own boxes. Do it all yourself. Your eyes will open." 

Responses to comments on the weblog article

Hanan Cohen reports that Google-Israel has been broken since May 5. 

I was interviewed yesterday by a researcher at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government for a case study on the role weblogs played in the downfall of Trent Lott. The study should be out in a month or so, and will be made public. They charge for the studies, I'm going to ask them to make this one available on the Web, since it's about the Web. 

Dan Gillmor: "...Wall Street Journal's All Things Digital conference made reporters promise that all sessions were off the record unless the speakers specifically agreed to put the comments on the record. Regular conference attendees were under no such restraint, and as a result we have coverage from the audience, not the journalists." 

Aaron Cope makes a valuable point, but does it in a harsh way. His point is well-taken. A weblog clearly does not have to order the posts strictly chronologically. If I believed that, then Scripting News would not be a weblog. 

Wes Felter: "I looked at the WASTE design document and as I suspected the protocol is a piece of junk." 

blogjsim is an instant messaging plug-in for blojsom.  

Ernie the Attorney: "Maybe Jobs is right to factor mortality into his marketing strategy." 

News.Com: "When we sense that a person is making an effort to copy the way that we speak, we tend to like that person more, they believed." 

Jason Shellen has a wireless photo blog

Don Park: "CSS heavy web pages on display at CSS Zen Garden look great." 

Morning coffee notes 

An old tradition is new again!

Greetings from New York City. Easy drive from Cambridge. Left at 4AM. Found a great oldies station from Hartford, CT. The first song they played was It Don't Come Easy by Ringo Starr. "Gotta pay your dues if you want to sing the blues." The cool thing about the song is that George Harrison, Eric Clapton and Stephen Stills are performing too. That's what I liked the most about Ringo, he needed a little help from his friends, and he appreciated it too.

Another cool thing about driving to NY is when you get close enough to see big green Interstate highway signs that say New York City. For some reason I giggle when I see one. I'm used to seeing San Francisco, even Los Angeles and Reno on these signs. But a freeway sign for New York City? Skyscrapers and everything.

Okay both the WinerLog guys were at OSCOM, and they both behaved fairly badly. The stalking is starting to happen in meatspace now, and that's not fun. Pretty soon I'm going to bring the cops into it. Beware wiener boys, you're getting too close. You both have reps to lose. Nuf said, hopefully.

I think I've got the key for speaking with a Boston accent. Deprecate the R's. So Hartford becomes Hatfod. That's all there is to it, except when you really want to get it you should let just a hint of an R back. Also, reading the highway signs I kept seeing Oxford, which I wanted to write as a hex number: oXF08D. Okay, the 8 doesn't really work. But any word that begins with OX is a candidate for easy hexing.

We're getting close to June 14, when, last year, to people who read this site I just disappeared. "Lots of non-Internet stuff going on," I said then. To me it was the day I quit smoking, and also the day I checked into the hospital (when I wrote that post I didn't know for sure I'd have to go into the hospital, but I wasn't surprised when I did). Shortly after my reappearance, Seth Dillingham said something really nice and very memorable. And for sure, on May 31, 2002 I had chest pain, and was in denial on how sick I really was. Let me share that lesson with you. If you have a pain inside your chest where your heart is, go to see a doctor now, don't think you can exercise your way out of the corner. It doesn't work that way.


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