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Rogers is looking for people who need help restoring a Radio installation. 

Scott Rosenberg: "If you're reading this, I've successfully posted to Radio using the mail-to-blog tool." 

Jenny explains why filtering is worth more than a shoulder-shrug. "While Jon and Dave view this issue in terms of employees and kids at home, as a librarian I naturally view this as a true censorship issue that comes up every day in our buildings." 

A rebuttal to yesterday's review of Trackback. 

PC Pro: "Roz Ho, the general manager of Microsoft's Mac Business Unit, has confirmed that no future versions of Internet Explorer will be released for the Mac." 

A picture named billg.jpgSad to see the angst-filled commentary on various weblogs on this announcement. It's no surprise to me. Microsoft has been telegraphing this for years. They never wanted the Web. Never. They had to control it because it threatened them, or so they thought. Their strategy is to lock things back up to the way they were before the Web, in 1994 or so. Read what Bill Gates said then. "The Internet is a great phenomena. I dont see how the emergence of more information content on a network can be a bad thing for the personal computer industry. Will it cause less personal computers to sell? I think quite the opposite. Less copies of Flight Simulator or Encarta?" Later, it became clear to Bill that my thesis was correct. The Internet had made all his complex technology irrelevant. He had been routed around. It was cool! It took him ten years to erase the Web as a threat. It's done now. He owns it, it's in the trunk (I know you don't like to hear this) it's locked, and they're driving it off a cliff into the ocean. It's weird to see people just figuring this out now. Don't go back to sleep, please. This is reality. What we all do next should reflect this. 

On this day last year I got My Weblog Outliner to post to Movable Type. In the comments I said release was just a couple of weeks away. But then Murphy swung into gear, and now it's a year later, and it still hasn't shipped. Damn. 

I'm giving feedback to a RSS feed provider who is including markup in the titles of items. The spec is silent on whether this is allowed, so it must be allowed. But will it cause any aggregators to barf? Radio doesn't mind, but I imagine that some of the non-browser-based readers might not like it. Comments? 

Zeldman: "Only 99.29% of websites are obsolete." 

The new house feels like my house in Madison, on Wilson Street, overlooking Lake Monona. Nine of the greatest roommates ever. The Mifflin Street Co-Op right down the street. Point Beer. Leinies. Falling head over heels in love. Everything happened there. So I decided to make this house sound like the Wilson house. It completes the picture.  

Jon Udell is blocked by SurfControl. "The experience has opened a window onto a world I'm glad I don't live in," he says. Jon, my site is blocked by all of them because I sometimes use one (or more) of George Carlin's words. Otherwise it's a pretty G-rated site. I figure the kiddies know how to circumvent those things. 

Rebecca Lieb's report on the Jupiter conference.  

Daniel Berlinger is a sweet guy. Look at how he explains himself. It may seem too "philosophical" for some people, but instead of getting angry at me for smoking, he goes back and debugs the program that inferred that I must be a non-smoker. There's a pragmatic reason for reasoning this way, it makes Daniel easy to be friends with. He has no stake in my behavior. He's complete in himself. So we're independent, and can appreciate each other, without anyone trying to change anyone. Some of my critics get upset because I am a certain way, or think certain things. Perhaps they can benefit from another point of view, but it appears that they don't know that, instead they try to invalidate my point of view. Grrr. Can't be friends with people like that. 

A picture named bumpers.jpgDale Bumpers: "H.L. Mencken said one time, 'When you hear somebody say, This is not about money, it's about money. And when you hear somebody say, This is not about sex, it's about sex." 

A sad fact I'm getting used to, DirecTV won't install a new system for me, because according to their computer I am an existing customer, and I have to use the old hardware. But it's in storage in California, I'd have to fly cross-country to get it, and my storage company doesn't allow visitation, so everything would have to be removed and moved to another place. The cost and hassle is in the thousands of dollars. It's so weird, it's not that they want to charge me more money, they just won't do it. I'm comfortable with their UI, but now I have to find another vendor to provide the service. I must have TiVO or a workalike. Any suggestions? 

Frank Paynter interviews Betsy Devine. 

Ignore yesterday's caveat about net connectivity. One of my neighbors has an open wireless network. So I've got juice. Now all I need is some coffee and whatnot and I'll be cookin. On the other hand, the node must be pretty far away, it's kind of flaky. 

Paul Boutin: WiFi for Dummies

Doc says Boston is thick with WiFi. 

Definitely gotta get one of these. Or maybe one of these

Everyone's kvelling because Dan Gillmor posted a picture to his weblog, but his older brother Steve run pics all the time. Us older brothers have to stick up for each other.  

Yesterday's Thursday meeting was awesome. We mostly talked about New Hampshire and how to get started this summer, and made a short to-do list. I also agreed to have a BBQ at my new house, which I'm in now, likin it so far, after about ten hours or so. We're also approaching the 365-day mark for No Smoking Dave. Wednesday, doing a search for a story about age and weblogs I came across a post with a smoking cigarette butt, posted six months after I quit. Back then I had nostalgic feelings about smoking. I wrote poetry about smoking. No kidding. Now I feel differently. The smell is just awful. When I see a group of people smoking outside I don't think of the great conversation they're having, I'm thinking about the pain they're inhaling. Smoking hurts. From your first puff (remember that?) to your last (I definitely remember that). Yesterday walking on a beautiful bike trail in Lexington, there's this guy sitting on the side, smoking. It made me angry. Here I am trying to take oxygen into my lungs in great quantities, and he's putting his disgusting smoke into my lungs. Well geez if that doesn't beat it all. And he had the nerve to ask what time it is. I told him, I did give him the time of day, but I did not give my respect. 

A non-smoking weblog for 364 days. 


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