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NY Times: "We're seeking the unattainable," Scott Nichols, associate dean of the law school, said in an interview. "Nobody's ever dared to think about a campaign this big." 

Rogers: "He's a person first and a pundit second." 

The discussion on the NY Times archive continues.  

A question for educators who do weblogs. For BloggerCon, one of the areas of focus will be weblogs in education. So we've got a couple of people lined up who are scholars who use weblogs with excellence. No announcements yet. Now I want to balance that with a couple of educators who have successfully created weblogs in a school, school district, college, university. I'm looking for people who support people who use weblogs, in a context that is not about weblogs, if possible. For example, a history class where each student keeps a weblog. Teachers who manage classes with a weblog. My goal of course is to learn from them, and then figure out what the next steps are. What do they need from other educators. What software is missing? We've already got some famous universities, I want to get connected with some not-so-famous universities. Who is leading in use of weblogs in education? Who do you look to for insight and inspiration? That's who I want for BloggerCon.  

A tip for those who are new to Boston and want to learn how to drive in the city and metro area. Go out for a drive in the early morning on a weekend when the streets are empty. That way a wrong turn, while it will still take you miles out of your way, won't waste hours of your time.  

There's a "social software" workshop in Finland sometime in the next few days. First I heard of it was on Dan Gillmor's weblog. Looking for a pointer. If you know anything about it let me know. More data. Joi Ito is on his way. So are "Cory and Clay." I am clueless. 

Why I said Movable Type's RSS support is "funky." 

On this day in Y2K, Courtney did the math, and opened our eyes to how the music industry really works. Also on that day, a story to go with the motto fear is frozen fun. "He could visualize his own death so clearly, coming so soon, and cried and whined and complained." 

I saved about $4,000 in the last year by not smoking. So today I'm going to buy myself a $7,000 present. Hey it's great to be alive.  

One year ago today 

On this day last year, I wrote a little bit on Scripting, then went for an appointment at the cardiologist. On the way I picked up a pack of Marlboro Lights, and smoked two in the car on the way there. These were my last cigarettes.

As they prepped me for surgery three days later, I told a friend that I hadn't decided to quit smoking yet. She said "I know."

In the recovery room, after the surgery, the surgeon who led the team that operated on my heart asked what's the word computer people use for seeing something. "Visualize?" He said "Yes, that's it! I want you to visualize yourself as a smoker." I said Okay. He said "You're dead."

He explained that people with my condition who continue to smoke are usually dead within three years. I asked what if I quit? He said there's a pretty good chance I'll live a normal life. That was it, that was the moment I quit smoking.

It was relatively easy because for the first week I was in a place I couldn't smoke. Once I went home I had the hole in the middle of my chest to serve as a reminder. And of course the doctor's funny way of telling me the good-news-bad-news.

Anyway, it's been one year since I quit, and I'm ready for year two, year three and so on.

Visualize: "To form a mental image."


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