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Permanent link to archive for Thursday, July 10, 2003. Thursday, July 10, 2003

Ryan Irelan did a transcript of my talk with Chris Lydon. 

NY Times: "Silicon Valley companies, which were already re-examining their compensation packages, are feeling increased pressure to alter their pay practices in light of Microsoft's decision to change the way it pays its 50,000 employees." 

RFC: "On Saturday I leave Portland and head south to Silicon Valley. It's the first time I'll ever stay in a hotel there, after living there for 23 years. So the question most on my mind: where should I stay?" 

John Palfrey: "One thing I've been wondering about from time to time: the copyright implications of news aggregators and the increasingly widespread use of RSS feeds." 

Mitch Kapor keynoted at O'Reilly this morning as Ximianite Miguel de Icaza jumps Don Box of Microsoft. 

A picture named drayton.jpgPictures from the O'Reilly conf across town. I went over there around lunch time for the Bill of Rights for Web Services session. We came up with some. 1. Right to clone your interface. 2. Right to not use an interface that's not clonable. 3. No patents for Web Service interfaces. 4. Right not to be locked-in. Some people said the data behind the interfaces is what differentiates the services. But the terms under which the service is operated makes a big difference. The presenters were from Amazon and eBay, the audience took a while to get revved up, but eventually in true OSCON style, they sliced and diced the issues. At the end I talked with fellow Berkmanite Ethan Zuckerman, and we agreed this should be a project we undertake along with our lawyers. When I heard about this session I had my doubts. At the end I was sure that this is something we need to work on. Thanks for the launch Tim. Good job. 

Back at the Sells Brothers conf, Keith Ballenger puts up a slide: I Love RPC (not the exact title), with reasons why RPC is lame. Then I got an email from Josh Allen (also of Microsoft) responding to my answer to his call for examples of BigCo's screwing up markets for LittleCo's.  

Donna Wentworth: "I have accepted an offer from the Electronic Frontier Foundation to become an EFF Webwriter/ Activist." Congrats Donna, we'll miss you! 

Donna says I'm the new Berkman babe-in-residence. Hehe. 

Dave will be on TechTV tonight, looking for a kidney

Speaking of Daves I'm now the #1 Dave on Google for the first time ever. Yow. 

7/10/00: "I like XML because I like choice, not just for me, but for people who use my software." 

Notes for my talk in Portland. 

I had dinner last night with a bunch of the speakers at the Sells Brothers conference (that's where I'm speaking today). On the way back, talking with Chris Sells, he said he hadn't read my political FAQ for RSS 2.0. He said the perception was that "funky" was about feeds that use namespaces. Not so. Here's the definition I wrote last week. "A feed is funky if it uses extensions to provide information that can be expressed by core elements." 

Jon Udell: "Wake me up when it's over." 

I had some kind of outage between the static server and my content system for Scripting News, but it seems to have cleared. Happy happy. 

The Full Mark Pilgrim Experience 

Mark is still operating his website despite my (public) request that he stop. Now the page has a rude comment about Radio (which definitely has the features he says it doesn't, Mark is really swinging wildly now).

The next step is to look at the copyright issues his service raises. They are quite interesting. Scripting News, both in HTML and RSS, has a clear copyright on it. Should I have a say in publications created from my content? I generally don't mind, but shouldn't I have to give permission? Suppose a magazine started publishing all my writing. Would I have recourse? I am not a lawyer, but it seems clear that I would. Is Pilgrim somehow immune to copyright law? I'd love to hear the legal theory that allows him to do what he's doing with my work.

Also, because of the outage, noted above, you may not get the full Mark Pilgrim Experience becuase my RSS feed isn't updating.


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