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Major fun: Radio gets some kind of Echo support.  

Let's do a Bay Area blogger's dinner at Jing Jing in Palo Alto Sunday 7PM? Am I crazy? Can it come together that quickly? I asked Gretchen Pirillo and she said she thinks she can come. I promise I won't talk about RSS. Maybe my darling Gnome-Girl will come? 

The XML Devcon is over and I am losing my net connection. See y'all tomorrow mid-day Pacific. Have fun! 

3/16/02: "Over time there will be new XML formats that can flow through Radio's news aggregator. Instead of having to update the aggregator each time, we decided to add an architecture that makes it easy to plug in new drivers, to teach Radio new formats." 

Simon Fell has an Echo feed that validates. I'm at XML Devcon with a net connection, and I don't understand what the speaker is talking about. I'm going to see if I can get Radio to subscribe to Simon's feed.  

Postcript: 4:30PM Pacific -- I have the format driver written and it reads Simon's feed and flows it through the aggregator in Radio. Now I have to test it inside xml.rss.compileService. It's really rough, probably doesn't do all the semantics right, I haven't even looked at the spec (is there one yet?) but shit if it doesn't read Simon's feed. I've been sitting next to Peter Drayton, one of Simon's best friends. I describe what I'm doing as catching a bullet in my teeth. That's something I like to do, when I can. The alternative is to catch it in my brain. Not so pleasant.  

Postscript: 4:49PM Pacific -- Screen shot of Radio aggregator displaying most recent items from Simon's Echo feed. I announced its existence to several people at XML Devcon. They seem pretty happy. Is this the first aggregator to support the new format? I think perhaps it is. Next step, post the code. 

BTW, I learned this afternoon that Rich Salz is from Lawn Guyland and now lives in the Boston area. He's going to come to one of the Thursday meets at Berkman.  

DJ Adams reports from OSCON on Dashboard

Hossein Derakhshan reports that the Iranian government is blocking the persianblog and blogspot domains, as well as his site. Blocking within Iran, I assume? 

John Palfrey: "The Net could indeed be the wide-open, lawless paradise some of us once imagined." 

Scott Rosenberg: "He's exposing his editing process to his readers, by choice." Yup. 

Don Park: "I frequently edit my recent posts." 

Andrew Grumet: "Have you ever created something, put it out in front of the world and then later revised it? I do it all the time." 

Shelley Powers: "If Mark had done something like this with me, I would quit weblogging." Amen. 

I was interviewed by a BBC Radio reporter today for The World at WGBH-Boston from my Beaverton hotel room. We talked about the blogging MPs in the UK, including Tom Watson.  

Chris Lydon's next interview is with Jim Berle. "A very active blog poet," says Chris. He calls his weblog That Funky Monkey. He has interviews lined up with Eugene Volokh, Ed Cone and David Weinberger and already has Dan Bricklin in the can. 

I'm in Oregon, Portland -- using my computer in the lobby of the hotel (where they have a fast Internet connection) and group of women wearing red hats is assembling. I asked them what's the deal with the red hats. They said they're quilters, on their way from all over the US to a quilter's meeting somewhere in rural Oregon. They're all going to join the red hat society. My mom is a quilter, and my friend Randy is a red hat. Small world. 

Three years ago: "The Web is not a mirror of the print industry, that's why advertising is not so important. The unique thing about the Web is that it's interactive. The challenge is to squeeze quality, high-integrity writing out of the readers, and present it back to them with a seal of quality. That's a much higher-growth proposition than employing writers and running ads as the print industry does." 

Also on that day: "If all the pubs had integrity and courage, they'd call the bullshit artists on their bullshit, and if they wanted coverage, they'd have to answer the questions, and we'd have fewer vaccuous blustery irrelevant announcements." 

BTW, yesterday at O'Reilly I asked some direct questions, like why are we even talking about trusting Amazon, Tim, don't we remember their patent abuse and how they never swore-off using them as a competitive weapon? Do you think for a minute that they don't have submerged patents on their web services? Imho, we shouldn't consider helping them until they say no-more-patents. When I talk this way in public it makes some people uncomfortable, but here's something cool about open source developers, they like to hear that kind of question asked. And once someone breaks the ice, as I am happy to do, they pick up the ball and run with it. In that way they're better journalists than Markoff at the Times, even if they don't write as well, or have such a big T&E budget. 

5/7/97: "A great programmer is a seeker of truth and beauty. Successful programmers know how to ask questions, and they know how to ask the right question. You can't go forward until that happens." 


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