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Halley: "Let's call this movie Exhibit A of Girlism." 

Hey it looks like I might be staying in the Bay Area through the 21st. That's a lot of dinners.  

Steve Gillmor has somethng to say, as always. 

I keep a file of sensitive stuff that I've deleted from Scripting News, stuff I found too personal, more vulnerability than I wanted. It helped to do the writing, but once I saw it in public, I got scared, and took it down. Now that people have set up a system to record everything on Scripting that I post within five minute intervals, I don't think I'll be writing any more of that stuff here. I guess it's time for weblogs to become like television. Polished and politically correct. Impersonal. Commercial. That's what they're really saying. When there's no room to change your mind, there's no way to take a chance. That's about it. They found a way to stop me from taking chances.  

A picture named jacoblevy.jpgLast night Jacob Levy told me that I saved his life by writing publicly about my experience with heart disease. That's the proudest moment for a writer, you want to know that you made a difference, and saving a father's life is about as good as it gets. With the system that's in place now, you won't get that. No way I'll take the chance. Send a message to Mark Pilgrim if this makes you angry. 

When I was a kid, the NYC subway had an emergency brake in every car. It was an amazing thing. Any person on the train could at any time cause the whole train to stop. The amazing thing is that in all the subway riding I did (every weekday for three years when I was in high school) no one ever pulled the cord. Even in New York City, which is known for people doing really rude stuff. From that I concluded that humanity works, most people are honest, they know that anyone could pull the cord, so what's the point of doing it. That's how it should work here. It's no trick to write a script that reads my RSS feed every five minutes and posts the diffs in reverse chronologic order. That's what we're dealing with here, the kind of people who would pull the cord. They did. The train stopped. Now what? You decide. If the service continues, Scripting News will just be links to articles. If it stops, I'll keep writing. 

Write an email to Mark Pilgrim, not me. I'm not going to "hang in there." The service he's running must stop. That's it. No negotiating. You guys have to stand for something. If you won't, then I won't. Pretty simple. 

Thanks to Aaron Hockley for taking a stand.  

Abhijeet Chavan: "Try searching for weblogs about urban planning, architecture, housing, urban issues, and related topics, and you are likely to find that the pickings are slim." 

Markoff: "Intel has raised the level of the water and is floating all the boats," said Glenn Fleishman, editor of Wi-Fi Networking News, a Web-based daily newsletter. Uhh John, that's a weblog.  

BBC: Yahoo Buys Overture. Breath-taking. 

Other articles: Register, News.Com, AP, Motley Fool, NY Times

Announcing: Elizabeth Spiers to present at BloggerCon

Pictures from last night's dinner. Don Park's pics. Heiko Hebig's

FAQ: Is RSS stuck? If so, why? 

Adam Curry: The Magic of RSS

Jim Moore is riffing on Posse Management Systems. 

posse: "A group of people summoned by a sheriff to aid in law enforcement." 

PluggedInns.Com "specializes in hotels that offer high-speed Internet access." 

Palfrey: "Courts have not been friendly to the fair use defense." 

Five years ago: "Inside every computer, every time you click a key or the mouse, thousands of 'procedure calls' are spawned, analyzing, computing and then acting on your gestures." 

Last year: "I don't really understand books about blogs." 

BBC: "Bloggers are going to parliament to encourage more MPs to share their interest and passions on the web." 

Jakob Nielsen: PDF is Unfit for Human Consumption

News.Com: "Through a caching feature on the popular Google search site, people can sometimes call up snapshots of archived stories at and other registration-only sites." 

NY Times: Harry Potter and the Internet Pirates

Wired: "The English version is not enough for hard-core fans who are collaborating to create a German translation." 

RageBoy: "Ann Craig found out this past week that she has skin cancer." 

Excellent Jing Jing dinner. All kinds of pictures and gossip. Will have to wait until the morning. Tired.  


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