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Feedster now can index your entire weblog if you have an RSS archive of it. I have one for much of 2002, and all of 2003.  

A picture named timesSquareWoman.jpgIsn't it obvious that either Google or Yahoo will buy Feedster so their search engine can understand RSS. Then the other guy is going to wonder why they missed the boat. After that, they can make their search engines understand OPML and throw out the antiquated centralized directories and let the amateurs compete to create the best directory for a given topic, the same way we compete for page rank. No more one guy controlling a category. That just doesn't work. It's cool that Google has competition from a highly regarded company like Yahoo. Now search is a market. Before it was a company town

A picture named volokh.jpgChris Lydon interviews Eugene Volokh. "Brother Volokh, who talked with me for 20 minutes yesterday, takes success in stride. He thinks of his site as an eclectic dinner table conversation among conservative-libertarian friends who feast on argument." After listening to the interview, I bet he doesn't use an aggregator. At the end he says he doesn't visit that many weblogs. "There are only so many hours in the day." As usual, it's great to have Chris doing these interviews. Volokh is totally worth twenty minutes.  

MozillaZine: "AOL has cut or will cut the remaining team working on Mozilla in a mass firing and are dismantling what was left of Netscape." 

Peter Rukavina once pulled the brake on the subway, figuratively.  

AlwaysOn Network has a nice 0.91 feed. Subscribed. 

Thanks for all the emails to Mark Pilgrim. Update: It looks like the app that watched me is gone. Thanks to everyone who helped. And thanks to Mark himself. 

Scott Johnson: A Suggestion for Aggregators

Glenn Fleishman writes about hating. BTW, to Glenn, I am ready to give up. For me the technical challenge at UserLand is over. It's time for a new generation to take charge there. I'm available for guidance and advice, but the engineering has to be done by younger more robust bodies. My work now is on applying the technology, that's my work at Berkman, Harvard Law School and Harvard in general. We're also getting ready to do some work with MIT. I feel quite differently about RSS. It needs to stay constant so the world can rebuild around it. That process is already well underway. It's a remarkably important technology. Last week at the XML Devcon, I couldn't believe how much the Microsoft-centered developer community was talking about RSS. We're going to do something bold and liberating for RSS, and I'll be very much involved in its future. Stay tuned. 

You can tell that Scoble hasn't yet been to a meeting with Bill Gates. Gates is just like the director in his CNN story. Scoble works at a company that places a very high value on direct communication. This also happens to be one of my core values. I don't like bullshit. If someone says "I know this" and I think they just believe it, I ask for proof. More than once I've gotten the proof. I know I'm fallible. So are you. Now that we know that can we get over it? Maybe. 

Scoble also suggests we have another dinner this weekend here in the Valley. Interesting idea. I'd do it, for sure. I'd also like to see if we can get a small conference room somewhere with a projection screen and net connection and we'll do a Thursday-like meeting. Does anyone at Stanford read this? 

Last year on this day: "One of my correspondents, a Scottish professor, had a bypass in late May, he's about three weeks ahead of me." 

Later today, the story about weblogs in politics might appear on The World, a co-production of the BBC and WGBH-Boston. I was interviewed for the story. If you like that kind of stuff, please listen to the interview Chris Lydon and I did last week. Ryan Irelan has a transcript


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