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OJR interviews on the 10th anniversary of the Web. 

Christian Science Monitor: "With the battle for the Democratic presidential nomination now in the decisive fall campaign season, the growing dominance of former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean is changing the dynamics of the race." 

A picture named clark.jpgDaily Kos says it's too late for Wesley Clark. I feel like I know the guy now that I've listened to his Lydon interview. He thinks like a blogger for sure, but he doesn't trust the medium enough. Of course it's not too late for Clark, because it's not all about money this time. I bet we'll have a good laugh about his prediction come November next year.  

Phil Wolff: The Blogger's Platform

And then there was the NY Times article about Dean last week that quoted a blogger traveling on the Dean press bus. I think we know she was with the campaign, yet the Times article didn't say so. Assuming the blogger and the campaign didn't tell the reporter, who screwed up, or did anyone? 

Neat search script for the Radio aggregator, made the post above work, even though the Times article it points to is more than a week old. Read the comment at the head of the script to learn how it works. For geeks only.  

Dana Blankenhorn says Dean will shortly be the Democratic Party, and will need to create his own software to win. That's one point of view, and that's cool but imho it's too early to give the nomination to Dean. And Dana didn't explain the features they need that the competitive market doesn't provide.  

A picture named jfk.jpgJFK: "A rising tide lifts all boats."  

Dean is not the rising tide. He is a boat. We'll look back in 20 years and see, perhaps, that he was the first candidate to win on the Web, much as JFK was the first candidate to win through TV. Dean owning the software is analogous to JFK starting a TV network. Had he approached it that way, would he have won? Would TV eventually have achieved its destiny anyway? As big as Kennedy was and is, isn't TV bigger? 

Will Richardson: Manila Procedures Manual

Phillip Pearson gets a Python script to talk to the service Microsoft put up yesterday. I thought perhaps I'd get Radio talking to it via SOAP, but it seems that Microsoft's SOAP is very different from UserLand's. I could be wrong about that. 

New BloggerCon'ers: Kaye Trammell, Brian Weatherson

Michael Watkins: "There is very little talk these days about preemption, much less American empire." 

Andrew Grumet is looking for help adding external authentication to Manila. I am pretty sure it can be done, but I'm not sure how.  

Four years ago today, a manifesto for decentralized syndication, arguing in favor of RSS over the heavyweight approach being sold by the big publishing companies. Today it may seem unnecessary, but back then most people assumed Vignette would define the standard. It didn't turn out.  

Two years ago today we were planning a session for Seybold on Sept 26 about The Next Technology Revolution. It was cancelled because we had our revolution, on Sept 11.  

THINK!I'm asking people with weblogs to point to yesterday's DaveNet piece. I'd like to see it rise on Daypop, Blogdex and Technorati, so it has a chance to influence campaigns, not just the presidential campaign, but local ones too. I spoke last night with Matt Gross, who blogs for the Dean campaign. Nice guy. I recommended he read the piece.  

DaveNet referrer stats page

Adam Curry is blushing because he's Halley's blogger of the day. I wonder if Halley knows that today is Adam's birthday. He's 39 years old. Just a baby. 

Dean meetups across New Hampshire tonight. 

Marc Nozell, a NH resident, spoke with an Edwards campaign worker yesterday, asking him to come to an campaign event in his hometown, Merrimack. Nozell asked if the event was on the Edwards website. Not yet. Does Edwards have a blog? No, but they're thinking of starting one in NH.  


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