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Permanent link to archive for Wednesday, September 10, 2003. Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Chris Lydon interviews Joi Ito. 

NY Times: "Reva Renee Renz, a Republican candidate in the California recall race, keeps a running account of her campaign in a weblog." 

An informal place to announce BOFs for the One Big BOF on Day 2 at 9AM in Pound 201

One thing's for sure, once you've blogged a candidate appearance, even just one, you start listening more carefully to news reports about the election. Things are interesting that weren't interesting before. Rule #182: Blogging breeds involvement. Now, of course I have an idea that may force us to add another day to BloggerCon -- a field trip to New Hampshire to see one or two candidates speak. A demo. An accelerated form of Pied Piperism. Maybe Oct 6. 

Dowbrigade: Can Truth Trump the Big Lie? 

Steve Outing: Blog Hard News on Your Site

News.Com reports that Blogger Pro will be offered by Google for $0. 

A picture named egg.gifFirst draft of description for the opening Technology session on Day 2. Instead of putting vendors on stage, with predictable results, I wanted to give the power at BloggerCon to users to drive the agenda, if they choose to. I've asked Susan Mernit to take ideas from everyone, before, during and after the conference, and publish the results. Please come on Day 2, users and vendors, and let's plot a course that makes sense for everyone. 

Another Day 2 session -- One big BOF for all tools, in a big room, with a corner for each tool that has people that want to meet about it. For sure there will be Movable Type, Blogger and Manila corners, the three most widely used tools in and around Harvard and MIT. We'll have a sign up sheet at the registration desk, so people can start new corners, or meet outside if the weather is nice. 

Phil Wolff will lead a Day 2 discussion: Weblogs Behind the Firewall. And Joi Ito will lead Managing a Community

Chris Heilman: Mars with the moon behind a tree

Happy birthday Willem Dakota Neuefeind Lessig. 

A picture named matt.jpgNewsweek: "Matt Gross, the head blogger, drove all the way from Utah without the promise of a job, or even calling ahead to say he was coming. He was hired on the spot and created Dean’s Call to Action site, now the 3,000th most-visited Web site, making it more popular than Madonna’s. By comparison, Massachusetts Sen John Kerry’s site is 159,000th in the rankings." 

Adam Curry: BloggerCon or Bust. From Amsterdam. 

Paolo: "Every day a new good reason to go there." 

THINK!BTW, the Edwards campaign turned us down, saying they are too busy to send their chief blogger to Harvard. However, I don't accept that answer. We can improve the Senator's weblog, and I'll guarantee it. If the Edwards campaign sends their chief blogger to BloggerCon, and feels, for any reason, that it wasn't worth the time, I will personally work for the Edwards campaign for the double the amount of time they feel they wasted. I am that sure we can improve their blog. 

Wired: Schoolgirl Settles With RIAA

Scott Rosenberg: "I won't support the pie rats!" 

All over New England this morning people are wondering Should I turn the heat on? A few weeks ago the thought of being cold would have sounded deliciously luxurious. This morning it just feels cold. Crisp and sunny, yes, but brrrrr. 

Last year on this day, Jon Udell wrote: "While bitterly arguing about which end of the egg to crack, everyone is busily cracking eggs and making omelettes." 

Two years ago: "Mazel tov to the members of the Syndication community." 

Five years ago: "It was exciting, in a Hallmark sort of way." 

Joi Ito at Berkman, Tuesday evening

Chris Lydon: "On the stump in New Hampshire last night, the millionaire trial lawyer and first-term Senator from North Carolina reminded me of the old Downeast joke about the Maine fella spinning his wheels in the spring mud." 

NY Times: "Edward Teller, who was present at the creation of the first nuclear weapons and who grew even more famous for defending them, died yesterday at his home on the Stanford University campus in Palo Alto, Calif." 

Watkins: "I like my Wolfowitz well grilled, rather than half baked." 

Bill Joy: Why the future doesn't need us

Deathwish piano movers, Brookline, MA. 


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