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Tom Tomorrow: Clear-eyed Conservative Realists

Blog Graham says it's not enough to be a general. "When Perot ran for president he was eaten alive by the press." 

6PM: Knock on wood, my home DSL is working, very well. It's super fast. It feels like a strong wind is at my back. Pray for my DSL. And Praise Murphy! 

Comment notification for Radio is released. 

Orlowski asks if Google is the only archive we'll ever need. 

Microdoc News: "Type in the word blogs into any search engine and what would you expect the first site to appear in the resulting listing?" The author says that Google tampers with search results. I wouldn't go that far. I do think there are bugs in their algorithm. For example, I'd love to know why the first hit in a search for weblog is the Google Weblog. That search looks like a human tampered with it. 

Steve Kirks suggests a new Elements of Style for weblogs. 

Tom Bradford likes XML-RPC 

Beautiful satellite picture of Hurricane Isabel. 

Betsy Devine calls for "poster sessions" at BloggerCon. 

Here's an Edwards weblog that is not part of the official campaign, but looks pretty damn good.  

CNN: Clark to enter presidential race. "He's made his decision and will announce it tomorrow in Little Rock," said Mark Fabiani, a spokesman for Clark. 

When Clark announces, we will immediately want to know where his weblog is, and who's running it so we can invite them to participate in the presidential campaign weblogs session on Day 1 of BloggerCon. Here's a hint

Zawodny: Verisign is Pure Evil

If you have an idea for BloggerCon, and many people do, please -- instead of sending me an email, post it on the BloggerCon site. Too many things are waiting for me, and there's often no need for that. Here's a how to that explains how to post something on the site. From there anyone can point to it (including me). Let's use the Web whenever possible. My email isn't working very well. See below. 

Next programming project -- a new RSS feed with enclosures for the Lydon interviews. One every couple of days for the next few weeks, and then updated whenever Chris posts a new interview. This should be the chicken that lays the egg that finally bootstraps enclosures in RSS aggregators. So far (as far as I know) only Radio supports enclosures, and it doesn't do it very well. Chris's interviews are the perfect application for enclosures. All of a sudden Chris is interested, thanks to a post by Adam Curry. How can we increase the utility of these fantastic interviews? I'm on a mission. 

10:40AM -- here's the feed. The first two interviews are Joi Ito and Matt Gross. Now to do the writeup. 

9:40AM. Oy I had another Internet outage. It was looking really good for about an hour this morning but then it just went out, so I'm at the office, still trying to start my week. Thanks for bearing with me on this. Phew. 

I'm still catching up on the Lydon interviews. Yesterday I listened to David Sifry's interview. It seems to me Dave bends over backwards to offend no one, so much so that he says ridiculous things. He argues with passion, over Lydon's objections, that the professional editorial process does things that the blogosphere can't. I don't think he's right about that. Having been edited myself, for a brief period, I can tell you for sure that some writers do better without editors, like yours truly. If you're saying something precise, and you mean it, there's nothing worse than an editor who knows bupkis correcting you so the readers will understand, and along the way changing what you said so that it no longer reflects what you think. I prefer a few spelling errors and awkward sentences. But Sifry says blogs at best are commentary, not news. I think Dave should do some of the fact-checking the blogosphere is so famous for. We do indeed report facts on weblogs, as much as they do in the professional press, where I regularly read fiction posing as fact. For example, yesterday in the venerable NY Times I learned that Clay Shirky is a software developer. Huh? He's a commentator. Now I wonder if Clay told them he was a developer and they didn't check it out, or if it was a misunderstanding and they didn't bother to ask Clay if he was a developer. Either way, as we know well, such an error wouldn't last very long on a well-read weblog. 

Michael Feldman requests feedback on his outline for the Weblog For Beginners sessions on Day 2 at BloggerCon. I asked him to grab the ball not just because he's a newbie, but also because he's a teacher, and he groks blogs, and is passionate about it. And he's also a really nice guy and I could imagine liking learning from him, so it's easy for me to imagine that others would too. 

Scott Rosenberg: "If u cn rd ths msg u r jst lke vryne lse!" 


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