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BloggerCon essay: The Spirit of the Web

The Internet Archive has video of Chris Lydon's interview on Friday with Paul Krugman. I listened to it today, it's great stuff. Makes me proud to know Chris. I found out about it through the RSS feed that the Internet Archive provides. 

NY Times review of Aretha at Radio City. 

News.Com: ICANN asks VeriSign to pull redirect service

People are buzzing about calendars and RSS. Adam Curry and Marcus Mauller were the pioneers here. Use the search engines guys. RSS isn't that new. Most of the ideas being talked about now have ample prior art, with docs, and implementations. Just ask. Lots of solved problems.  

BTW, I can't wait till Chris meets Adam on Oct 4. Sparks are going to fly between those two minds. Hoo boy. Stand back. Look out.  

Listening to Ed Cone and Chris Lydon talking about Howard Dean and Wesley Clark. Chris asks: Ed is this the beginning of a fight or a courtship? Ed: Don't know how long you've been out of the dating market Chris. Chuckles.  

Mike Clough: Hurtles ahead for Dean

Press release: "Oliver Willis announced his candidacy for the presidency today." 

In honor of my uncle, I killed all the characters in my current Sims house. I built a tiny little room, told them all to go into it, and sealed it off. No door, no windows, no food, no place to sleep, nothing. After a few days they died. The house is still there, seems to be fine without them. I'm going to let it run for a while and see what happens. I'll let you know. 

Click on the pic for an explanation.It's strange that I ordered three bittersweet movies from Netflix before I knew there would be a death in the family. On Golden Pond, Driving Miss Daisy, and today's Glengarry Glen Ross, which is a lot better than I remembered. All-star cast. All three are sad tales, real heart-grabbers. The previous three movies were different: The Matrix, Lord of the Rings and Amadeus. 

Greg Reinacker: RSS and MIME types

Steve Gillmor is full of shit; as is Derek Powazek (And if history is a guide Powazek will be complaining about this link well into the next milennium.) Also, Scoble is full of shit, and if I know Scoble he'll be bragging about it for decades.  

The shit parade continues with John Robb, who thinks blogs don't matter in RSS space. He must not be paying attention to US presidential politics.  

A reader's guide to shit-fullness. I wouldn't say someone was full of shit if I didn't think there was some value to their bullshit. Remember the rule I have about links. "A link on Scripting News means that I thought that the story was interesting, and felt that an informed person would want to consider the point of view expressed in the piece."  

The Obsolete Computer Museum uses RSS 2.0. 

The Trademark Blog reports that the owners of the Dewey Decimal System are suing a NYC hotel for trademark infringement. A must-read.  

A picture named verizon.jpgNot sure if Verizon has solved the problem or not. This morning the net is unbelievably slow. Maybe it's not just me. Meanwhile, reality is sinking in, in a new way. Probating an estate in Jamaica, that's going to be some kind of treat. Not. After all the outages, and with BloggerCon coming up, it's cool that I have a brother to deal with the first couple of weeks. After BloggerCon I'm pretty free. In the meantime, if you know a good lawyer in Jamaica, let me know.  

I still have more work to do on the schedule of BloggerCon, and we still have to get leaflets for Day 2 posted all over Harvard and MIT, but now my attention is going to turn to writing. Chris Lydon says he thinks it's kind of like a constitutional convention. Maybe so. Is there a chance to do some writing that gets on the record in a new way? Perhaps. 


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