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Day 1: Weblogs in Presidential Politics

Wesley ClarkThe Clark campaign opened their new weblog today. More announcements from Clark at BloggerCon on Saturday. One of the editors of the weblog is Cameron Barrett, who I've known and respected since 1997. It's very cool that they've got his experience as part of their campaign. Earlier, the Dean campaign made a series of announcements about the Internet, covered on David Weinberger's weblog. The Dean campaign, the Graham campaign and the Democratic National Committee are also participating on Saturday. 

Howto: IRC at BloggerCon

A candidate for song of BloggerCon is Respect by Aretha Franklin. It was an anthem of the early days of the Web. We can all listen, rich or poor, black or white, Jew or gentile. It costs nothing but time to consider someone else's point of view. Quiet your internal voice, take a deep breath, and experience a simple idea -- there are other people here.  

BloggerCon Lemonade: "As an officer of the university I am required to care what it thinks about WiFi." 

Beat the rush: Sign up for Saturday dinner now. 

Adhocracy: "We expect juicy stuff to happen in the hallways and on walks, and over meals; and therefore have put considerable energy to making sure there are many opportunities for such." 

Halley Suitt wrote a piece about editing weblogs, a very current topic, and one that will be discussed on Day 1 by two leading proponents of editing, Len Apcar, editor in chief of NYTimes.Com, and James Taranto editor of the Best of the Web at the Wall Street Journal. I added Halley's piece to the BloggerCon essays list. Please, if you have an idea or point of view, or an issue you'd like to raise for discussion at the conference, whether or not you're attending, please write it up and suggest it for the list. Thanks. 

David Weinberger and I agree on the fundamental idea of the Web. 

Still trawling for ideas for the song of the con. 

Crib sheet for political seesions. 

Crib sheet for appreciating the other gender. "On the Web we debate and we move. We argue and fight. We do things, we think deep thoughts, we express our frustration, we try to change the world." 

Last year on this day: "We are not in Year Zero. There are users. Breaking them is not an option." 

Two years ago: "They would never hire me, because if they did, I would insist on my title being CPP, which stands for Chief Poison Pill." 

Rambly early evening ranty 

Talking with my brother this afternoon, about this weekend's Con. I told him I hadn't decided who would do the opening 15 minute interview. I probably won't decide until the day of the show, maybe not even until the show has started and I'm finishing my monolog. Hehe. Keeps everyone on their toes. BTW, my bro is going to be there. I'll ask him at least to raise his hand. Maybe I'll interview him. Shhhh. Don't tell mom.

I was explaining that the show is like a blog. When I start a day on Scripting, I usually have no idea what will be on the blog when the day is over. I roam around and check things out, link to a few places, and see what's up. I'll do that on Saturday. After a few comments, I'll ask someone a question. Then ask someone else something else. Then talk for a bit. And ask some more stuff.

By doing this I hope to set an adequate precedent for the panels, that I'd like them to engage with the people in the room as much as they engage with each other.

The thing that's so amazing about this conference is the enormous quality and experience of all the people. There really is no audience. We're all going to share what we know, and learn from others. Sure some people will be more famous or notorious when they leave than when they arrived. But who will teach you the one thing that will change your life forever? That could be anyone.


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