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Guardian: Why blogs could be bad for business

NY Times: "The White House was besieged again today with questions about who disclosed the name of an undercover CIA officer in what appeared to be an attempt to get back at the officer's husband for questioning the Bush administration's rationale for going to war in Iraq." 

Fraase: "In about a week or so the Republicans will realize they’re going to need an actual presidential candidate." 

I'm making a list of things I can do in the opening session on Saturday. I left a huge amount of time at the beginning of Day 1 to warm everyone up. And then I just read that Joi Ito, the other one, not the cat, plans to Stealth Disco everyone. Well there you have it. That's the spirit. I want everyone to know it's okay not to be boring! Like life, BloggerCon is not serious.  

And don't doubt, for a minute, that we'll have great music! 

A picture named retard.gifMichael Feldman: "The Hong Kong restaurant in Harvard Square, site of the sure-to-be fabulous kick-off party for BloggerCon, has a long and storied past as a dark and private rock under which Harvard students can creep when they need to disappear without leaving campus, as well as a bottomless bowl of greasy faux-Chinese cuisine and high-octane, bizarrely garnished rum-based drinks." 

The BloggerCon attendee list updated. Lots of new names. 

The Big BloggerCon Blog: Imagine a web service that read all the feeds of all participants in BloggerCon, and present them in reverse chronologic order as if we were all writing for the same weblog. Well, Ross Karchner did exactly that. It's totally worth bookmarking. Thanks! 

I linked it into the Community section of the BloggerCon directory. The list of all RSS feeds of the Con-ers is available in OPML. If you're coming to Day 2, and want your feed listed, use this form. The feed of feeds is updated once an hour. 

Friday Night Party, 7PM, Cambridge. Sponsored by Adam Curry and Dave Winer (me). We couldn't get a big company to sponsor a party without some awful strings attached, so Adam and I are splitting the tab personally on the Friday night party at The Hong Kong restaurant in the middle of Harvard Square. I've not been there myself, but I hear that it's a orgy of drunken college students. We'll be upstairs, schmoozing and trading business cards. You can drink if you want. I said to Palfrey, let's go for quantity over quality. He assures me that's the theme of The Hong Kong. I thought perhaps that could be the motto of the weblog world, sort of "It's even worse than it appears" in response to the usual criticism from the inkstain crowd.  

Two of our international visitors will be on their ways soon. Got an emaill from Lance. And it looks like Adam really is coming. I just found out that Esther Dyson is coming. The Con almost under way. Start counting the hours soon. 

Frank Leahy: How to Make Photos More Searchable

Hal Roberts started a BloggerCon tech support page. 

Doc Searls and Ed Cone on the scandal brewing in Washington, and how it connects to and through the blogosphere. 

It's on days like this that I'm glad the DNC has a weblog. 

Check out this new site. Does it piss you off? If it does, is your name Joi Ito? Are you laughing or shaking your fist at the screen? 

Imagine my surprise when I went to configure my LinkSys wireless router, it now has a password. Oooops. Shouldn't have left that open. So now I have to change the password, that one of my neighbors must have set. Or a wardriver. So is there some magic incantation to reset the router, or do I have to buy a new one? (Postscript: Thanks to Seth Finkelstein, there's a big fat Reset thingie on the back that I missed.) 

Chris Lydon interviews Elizabeth Spiers and Jim Moore, both of whom are on his Day 1 panel

Jeremy Allaire proposes a new format called RSS-Data. He and I have been talking about this for several months. I think it's a good idea. The challenge will be to get it done without getting mired in working-group-itis. 

BlogBridge is a "new kind of Blog Reader, making it practical for a non-technical user to discover, follow and enjoy literally hundreds of feeds without loosing their mind." 

Cheap date for Day 2: NY to Boston, round trip, $88. 

Phillip Pearson: "How do you send blog posts with complicated RSS over the MetaWeblog API?" 

A picture named trippi.jpgGot an email earlier saying that Dean campaign manager Joe Trippi will speak to local technology industry leaders tomorrow 3:30PM at the Portsmouth Brewery, 56 Market Street, Portsmouth, NH.  

If you eat in Cambridge, congratulations -- all restaurants and bars are now non-smoking. You can enjoy your meal without smoking. A couple of years ago I would have found that disappointing. Now I'm happy. They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Total bullshit. 

If you've got something to announce at BloggerCon, it's now officially The Last Minute. Be sure to give me a heads-up. We'll try to arrange a time on Day 1 for very brief announcements, and editorial judgement will apply. Then we'll try to fit it into one of the Day 2 sessions and that's subject to the approval of the discussion leader of the session. It has to be something that's relevant to the broad blogging world for Day 1, and relevant to the topic of the Day 2 session. Feel free to approach the discussion leaders of the Day 2 sessions. 

Happy birthday to Jake Savin

Four years ago today Jon Udell and I were plotting categorization of elements of RSS feeds. It's still a big topic. It's so not about technology, it is about getting technologists to drop their egos and adopt someone else's scheme. This is a core theme in my next essay, The Rule of Win-Win. 

So much interesting cool stuff happening, here's a sad note. If he were alive, today would be my uncle's 58th birthday. The Great Vava Voom must live somewhere, perhaps on the Great Dope-Smoking Beach in the Sky. I miss you Ken. Wish you were here. Happy birthday where ever you are. 


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