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BloggerCon essay: If the Gray Lady Could Blog

Bob Graham announced, on his weblog, that he's ending his campaign for President.  

The Red Sox are something like the Mets. With a 4-1 lead and 12 outs between them and victory, well, it's now 4-3 and they're going to the bullpen. Bottom of the ninth. Three outs left. Now I can see why Bostonians hate to love this team. It gets worse. The relief pitcher just walked the first two hitters. Runners on second and third, two out. Strike out. Red Sox win 4-3. Cool!  

Esther Dyson, Elizabeth Spiers and Elaine of Kalily on BloggerCon politics.  

Michael Feldman has two BloggerCon requests. 

Steve Outing on Apcar at BloggerCon. 

Hal Roberts on the BloggerCon webcast archive. He needs help with Day 1 morning, esp if you have audio. Thanks!  

BloggerCon essay: Notes from the Host

It's weird being in an American League city. Tonight the Red Sox have the chance to advance to play the Yankees for the American League championship. Does this mean anything? Hard to say. 

Lieberman and Edwards campaign in NH. 

Betsy Devine: "You can fall off a bike by leaning too far to one side or the other, but to get somewhere you have to forget about falling and pedal like hell." 

An eWeek article about RSS-Data that contains more errors per sentence than usual.  

A picture named dietpepsi.gifPersonal note. Today is one of the weirdest days of my life. I think we decided to do the conference in February, before I moved east. Now my stack is pretty well popped. Today I have nothing urgent to do. I have bills to pay, a book to read, movies to watch, a crossword to do, a walk to take, an interview to listen to, some food to eat, thoughts to share, maybe a bit of code to write. But I don't have any conferences to organize, or any cross-country trips to do. I do have to work on my uncle's estate, and have a conference to attend and a doctor's appt before the end of the month. But my queue is relatively empty. Strange feeling. Might be okay.  

BTW, it was great to talk with Doc about his mother and my uncle. It sucks that people we love have to die. It's great that people we love are still alive. 

Chris Lydon interviews Len Apcar, editor in chief of the NYTimes.Com. 

A picture named powell.jpgSeveral times, in different contexts at BC, I said that I don't care for the Dean weblog. I explained, when I go there I don't find anything that interests me. I see stuff that probably makes sense to people who support Dean but I'm not one of those people. I think the guy's an actor, and he tweaks a certain kind of person's optimism, but not mine. And get this, even if he did, after what I've seen in politics in my 48 years, and especially this year, I'm not believing anyone without a lot of questions answered in a way that add up for me. I think Dean's supporters, many of whom I admire, are selling out too soon and for too little. Dean is taking their money and giving it to Viacom, Disney, General Electric, Clear Channel, Fox and Time-Warner, just like all the rest. That's who owns him, not you. Now tell me something new on that blog, something honest, or even interesting, and I'll say so. But so far, zzzzz. 

8/21/03: Pictures from Edwards & Dean in NH

Jay McCarthy points to huge volumes of BC bloggage. 

Ed Cone's BloggerCon trip report. These writeups are most interesting to me. Everyone had a unique experience. I esp like the part about the people from the Edwards campaign. There were Kerry people there too, but I don't think many people knew it. 

Doc Searls on Day 2 and dinner report, especially interesting because it includes a route-around prediction by Internet radio, which I fully agree with. 

Heath Row's incredible BloggerCon notes. 

Welcome to "a demo of Feedster's soon to be officially released Feed Compare feature. What this feature does is let you see the postings from Blog or Feed A in comparison with Blog or Feed B, C, D and E." 

Adam Curry is doing a feed he calls SyncPod to help developers adapt aggregators to work with enclosures. Scott Johnson says Feedster will have a special report listing all feeds that support enclosures. Now that I have more free time, I'm going to tweak up enclosure support in Radio. There are some serious problems that are relatively easy to fix. Jake, please note. 

A video from Holland thanks to Adam. Very funny. 

Jeremy Allaire has more RSS-Data news on Saturday and Sunday

Phi Zappa CrappaThe cynicism of the US political system was at BC. At one point, a campaign technologist who I won't name looked at me with irony when I talked about blogs helping democracy. "Democracy in Washington?" he asked, as if there were no such thing. I didn't say anything for a bit. I said I am an idealist. I believe in democracy. I think most of the people in the room did, and I also think perhaps four years ago they didn't. There really were bright eyes, not all of them, for sure. But most of them. And get this, I think we're going to win. 

Three years ago: "If you write for the Web, as I do, you'll get challenges to your ethics or integrity every day. How do you deal with those? Can you ignore them?" 

Every time I use the word "BigCo" some guy who works at a BigCo flames me on one of the mail lists. Last night at dinner, Joey DeVilla used the word, and he kind of winked at me. I asked him if he liked it. He said he did. I told him I regularly got flamed for using it. He was I surprised. I asked if he minded if I continued to use it. He said Please do. That's that. I've been given my instructions.  

Scoble: "Blame me for all of Microsoft's excesses." OK. 


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