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Greenspun: "Do we live in an age of wimpy enemies?" 

A picture named stallman.jpgAt dinner last night, one of our regulars, Jay McCarthy, was talking about his favorite programming language, Lisp. I like Jay, we all do. He's young, smart, and courageous. He talks back. That's good. Later that night he pressed one of my buttons, not sure if he knew he was doing it. (I bet he did.) He said that it's understandable that a platform vendor would choose to bundle a scripting language, and if it wiped out the other languages, well that's just the way it works. I had to think about this. Is this right? I don't think so. If such a rule had existed in the 80s, that probably would have been the end of Lisp, right? And Jay was born in the 80s. So his favorite language would have been nuked before he would have had a chance to fall in love with it. I rest my case.  

Via John Palfrey, news that Berkman director Terry Fisher has been honored with a named chair. That's a big deal, think of it as super-tenure. Congrats to prof Fisher.  

A picture named fisher.jpgYou're going to see more pictures on Scripting News because I have a new super-fast picture upstreamer. Save to a special folder, then a window opens in my editor containing the HTML, ready to copy-paste. It happens in five seconds or less. Also thinking it might be time for a new template for this weblog. This is my weekend for nerding out. Next weekend I'm on PEI, and the one after that, Florida.  

Right now as we speak DirecTV is being installed in my house. Pray Murphy it may actually work. TiVO too.  

A picture named bigHair.jpgHal Roberts reviews OpenOffice. 

Megnut: "Silently, numbly, we exchanged good byes, murmured hopes for next year, next year, and I walked home alone." 

Elizabeth Spiers says Markoff doesn't read many blogs.  

I'd love to hear Chris Lydon moderate a discussion between John Markoff and Jay Rosen.  

Lessig: "When they write the account of the 2004 campaign, it will include at least one word that has never appeared in any presidential history: blog." 

Well, the Cubs lost and the Red Sox lost. Question. Why didn't we see that coming??  

Doc picks the Marlins in the World Series. Hey, I still have my motto, ABTY.  

Jason Levine: "Bill Buckner must be breathing a sigh of relief today." 

Werbach: "100 songs in your pocket ain't bad when the same device is also your phone, organizer, camera, and wireless email tool." 

NY Times: "This winter in New England, the fans will question why Boston Manager Grady Little left Pedro Martinez in for a pounding in the eighth inning." 

Is that a real poncho or is that a Sears poncho?Heard on the radio, from a Red Sox fan: "I thought 86 was bad but this is worse." 

I watched most of last night's game with Michael Feldman at Bombay Club, an Indian restaurant. Finally in the eighth inning he had enough, we left, I drove home, now it's tied 5-5 in the eleventh. The Red Sox are an emotional experience unlike anything I've ever seen. Lots of Yankees fans around Harvard Square. Not me. I hate the Yankees. It's not over yet. (Postscript: Yes it is, and the Sox lost.) 

DirecTV Bastards 

Postscript on DirecTV installation: It works but not TiVO because they require a full-time phone connection, but with my DSL, I gave up on the voice line a long time ago. This is new, my DirecTV in Calif didn't require the phone connect. Plus they want to charge me $5 per month for the priviledge of recording. They didn't tell me up front that I couldn't record without the phone link or extra charge.

It's strictly copy protection, they want to be sure you don't record a show and then take the unit over to a friend's house to play back. So I have the equivalent of cable, for a lot more money. And a one year commit. Bastards.


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