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Al Franken guest posts on Kicking Ass. 

Here's what a whole month of Scripting News looks like. 

PhilippeFrom the archive: "It may be male hormones that makes us such suckers for the schmaltz, or it might be the male heart, that loves the greatness of his gender and finds today so few ways to express it." 

Another: "Real men are not so perfect." 

One more: "Some wise person said that our parents teach us so much, and the last thing they teach us is -- and there I have to leave it blank. I don't yet know what the last thing my father will teach me is." 

Example of an RSS feed from the new Scripting archive. 

Werbach: "Why not subsidize bloggers who create popular posts? Or creators of popular shareware? Or great CSS templates? Let's all get on the gravy train!" 

Thanks Doc for looking into the Dean campaign's use of the term open source to describe their campaign. We seem to agree that it's not an accurate use of the term, that what they really mean is "open," which of course, is very very cool. Now maybe the next step is, in an open way, to throw this over the fence to Dean's Internet advisory board, which is staffed by many of our friends in BlogLand.  

A picture named recycledStumpSpeech20thCent.jpgI'm getting pressure from Edwards supporters to point to his piece on Lessig's weblog. For what it's worth, I think this is just like Edwards in person. Cardboard, full of lies and deception. He's talking for the television cameras even when he's on the Web. I'm still waiting for the revolution, it's not Edwards, it's not Dean or Kerry or Gephardt, or Lieberman. I've explained who I am over and over. I am an idealist. Recycled stump speeches from the 20th century don't do it for me.  

Berkman Center, where I work, recently received funding from the MacArthur Foundation to study alternative compensation schemes for media on the Internet. John Palfrey, executive director at Berkman, explains how the project will work. Note, I am not working on this project myself, I'm not even sure I agree with its goals. But that's the cool thing about working at a place like Berkman, we're still friends even if we don't agree on everything.  

A picture named valenti.jpgDan Gillmor on last night's 60 Minutes segment on file sharing. As he noted, they completely presented the industry view of the situation, it was as if it were a Jack Valenti-written propoganda piece. No opposing views. No non-infringing uses. No users talking about how much more powerful music is on the Internet. Just an industry victimized. And much worse, no disclaimer from 60 Minutes that they work for a major media company with a huge stake in the outcome. That Dan Gillmor called them on this is very gratifying. This is the problem all media companies have, they report on themselves, they have become the story. They have an exceptional obligation to disclaim this, and none of them are doing it.  

Cough cough.Every couple of years I descend into the Website Framework, the lizard brain of UserLand's content management system, deployed in 1996. It's still a nice design. And the docs are still scattered all over the world. At least there's Google now, which does a good job of indexing. I'm going slowly making sure that the environment I'm creating has many of the bells and whistles I've missed in previous ones. For example, today I'm making it so that every day in the archive of Scripting News automatically has an RSS rendering. And I'm doing a month-at-a-glance page, before I get to the real meaty project, a right-click menu that lets me route any item to any number of places. I'm thinking about what a power info maven really wants in 2004, not what he or she is willing to settle for. People like Jenny Levine, Steve Gillmor, Charlie Nesson, Jeremy Allaire, Joe Trippi, Jay Rosen. And of course myself. I try to visualize a Content Router and Idea Processor combined with the World Wide Web. Meanwhile Andrew Grumet is climbing another facet of the same hill, smoothing out the connection between outlining and non-UserLand weblog managers. Choice is super-important, as we all know. Even if they don't include us in their plans, we must include them in ours, to keep the door open for a win-win.  

NY Times: "MIT announced that it would temporarily shut down its groundbreaking Library Access to Music System until the licensing rights can be worked out." 

Ole Eichorn returns from Microsoft's devcon with questions about performance and reliability of the new OS code. 


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