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Tomorrow you will think I am a total idiot.  

Wired: Clark Campaign to Debut Big Blog. Quotes Cam, Doc and myself. "A voter with a weblog is ten times more powerful than a voter without a weblog." 

A picture named ted.jpgLet's do a demo of the Semantic Web, the real one, the one that exists today. Doc Searls has a question about the iQue 3600 hand-held GPS. It is sexy. They say it only works with Windows, but Doc thinks it probably works with Linux too. A couple of thousand really smart people will read this. I'm sure one of them knows the answer. Probably more than one. There's the query. Human intelligence is so under-rated by computer researchers, but when we do our job well, that's what we facilitate. Human minds communicating with other human minds. What could be easier to understand?  

Crimson: "Slater received a cease-and-desist letter from Harvard on Oct. 31 after posting thousands of internal documents about an electronic voting machine manufacturer on his Harvard-hosted website." 

Derek: "I will be filing a letter defending my actions and will go before a hearing if necessary. I will also use this opportunity, as best I can, to urge the University to reconsider its role in these matters and its DMCA policies in general." 

RSS in my heart.Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it is my pleasure to present: several categories, for your viewing pleasure. All the posts in the last three days about the Dean campaign; the Clark campaign. And here are all the posts in the RSS category (it's the largest with 8 posts in the last three days, including this one (recursive)). There's lots more to do of course, but this is the milestone I was looking for when I began work this morning. Whew.  

Glenn Reynolds demos what a Presidential campaign video should look like. In it he tells everyone to read weblogs. Perfect. So when do you think Glenn is going to officially declare his candidacy? I swear he's going to run. I'm so sure I started a category for his campaign. I hope he does. I also think Philip Greenspun should run.  

Paolo compares RSS categories and ENT. Good job. I totally see my taxonomy as personal. Not trying to get anyone else to adopt it, at this time. Not even sure I'm going to stick to it. I have to start somewhere. I designed a bit of flexibility into the category element, but not too much. Getting people to agree on a taxonomy is a huge problem, that and user interface are the two looming beasts that keep this stuff from taking off. So instead of putting the cart before the horse, I decided to start pulling the cart myself.  

Today's song: "They may be stupid but they sure are fun." 

Nelson Minar: "Each of the individual applications using RDF I know of could have been done more easily with plain XML." 

RVW is "intended to allow machine-readable reviews to be integrated into an RSS feed, thus allowing reviews to be automatically compiled from distributed sources." 

Chris Lydon interviews Cameron Barrett from the Clark campaign. Special RSS feed updated. It's gratifying that Cam didn't fall into the hype about open source politics. That shows integrity. Open source is a term that means something with software, but it is meaningless in politics, unless somehow I can take over Wesley Clark's body, but I don't think anyone is seriously considering that, at least I hope not.  

Wendy: "I'm in my new office, by the way, on the 2nd floor!" Congrats. That's a big deal. Changes the flow of Berkman. Major Feng Shui implications there. 

For people wanting to follow the development of the new aggregator, here's a table containing all the categorized items from Scripting News in the last three days. Screen shot

USA SantaToday is going to be a breakthrough day on category support in the Scripting News archive. In a few hours I'll have a way to look at all the items on a per-category basis. I've been pretty good so far about assigning categories to blog posts here. For example, the Fleshbot post below is routed to Fun/Sex. This one is routed to Dave/Scripting News and Technology/Formats and Protocols/RSS. You can see all that by looking at today's RSS file. Also, to clear up some confusion, UserLand has had category support in Manila and Radio for years. This is the first time categories have been used in this weblog, and they're hierarchic, not flat. That is a first, as far as I know. When you see how the hierarchy works, you're going to want it. At least that's my evil plan.  

Fleshbot, the "pornographic sister website of Gizmodo and Gawker." 

A fascinating discussion started on this day in 1999 on evolution of RSS 0.91, including comments from Evan Williams, Dan Libby, Edd Dumbill. Cordial and professional, even statesman-like. Touched on many of the ideas that were later implemented in 0.92 and 2.0. 

This hyothetical conversation between Bill Gates and Satan in 1998 explains why our world still doesn't run in Java. 


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