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Permanent link to archive for Wednesday, May 25, 2005. Wednesday, May 25, 2005

This week's developments in podcasting by Apple, turning iTunes into a podcatcher, is enough for an entire 17-minute Morning Coffee Notes. Permanent link to this item in the archive.

I booked a three-day trip to Cambridge for the weekend. I'll be a guest on Chris Lydon's first broadcast on WGBH on Monday. Had an itch to go north. Looks like I'll be in Chapel Hill, NC the first weekend in June.  Permanent link to this item in the archive.

August 2003: How to name a productPermanent link to this item in the archive.

News.Com: ABC, NBC News launch news podcastsPermanent link to this item in the archive.

Tod Maffin: "Canada’s major cellular providers have just joined forces to create a single Wi-Fi network across the country." Permanent link to this item in the archive.

Interesting outside perspective on the fallout between myself and Adam Curry. I haven't read it in detail, but I will, before commenting. Permanent link to this item in the archive.

A picture named topping.gifThe announcement, earlier this week, that Apple will support podcasting in iTunes will give them a commanding position to determine the (defacto) standard subscription mechanism for RSS because they will have control of the two key pieces of software on a single platform. They have already invested in a simple subscription mechanism in Safari, but with iTunes in the mix, they'll have huge market power that they didn't have before. And of course with podcasting, the centralized aggregator doesn't matter, so their coup is complete. I imagine they realize all this in Cupertino.  Permanent link to this item in the archive.

Apple's position is so powerful because they will have content people are interested in, the podcasts people have been hearing so much about. They are rushing to fill the gap left by the weak iPodder software. Tim Jarrett's critique of Microsoft applies. In years past, they would have jumped on the opportunity. Now that role is left to Apple. A few weeks ago a venture capitalist said we're in the first inning of RSS. I said that's wishful thinking, the first inning was six years ago. He asked what inning are we in? I said it's the inning when the big guys swoop in and take markets from the little guys, with lightning speed. The VCs invested too late in this market. They could learn the lesson, you have to risk to earn the reward. The time to build is before the big dudes see it. Way before. Permanent link to this item in the archive.

Marc Hedlund says it's time to throw in the towel in the fight among techies over the perfect syndication format.  Permanent link to this item in the archive.

Chad Dickerson: "Maybe the beauty of podcasts is that we are forced to step away from our hyper-efficient RSS news aggregator world and actually listen for once." Permanent link to this item in the archive.

A picture named jesus.gifOn a lark, I thought about registering for the Supernova conference (I'll be on the west coast that week for Gnomedex) but gulped audibly when I saw the price. AlwaysOn, with a stellar speaker lineup, is a tiny bit cheaper, with a 25 percent discount until June 1. Gnomedex is a better deal than both, by a lot. What do all three conferences have in common? Marc Canter is speaking. Maybe he can tell us what they talk about. BTW, AlwaysOn offered to let me in for free, as a blogger. I don't think so. I have no time for conferences where I have to sit in the audience and keep my hands folded and my mouth shut until it's time to ask a question. That's why I like unconferences where no one is less important and the interesting stuff happens in the sessions as opposed to the hallway. Permanent link to this item in the archive.

Talk of the Nation: Blogging Poses New Workplace IssuesPermanent link to this item in the archive.

A picture named love.gif Permanent link to this item in the archive.


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