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Thanks for all the great advice about EVDO and the MacBook Pro. It seems a tossup betw Sprint vs Verizon, there are advantages to both, but I'm leaning toward Sprint.

Part 3 of the Frontline News War series is now on BT.

Jeff Ventura: "Now that Winer has moved off the fence, we can expect incredible new portable Apple gear any day now." I had the same thought.

Scott Rosenberg is speaking at the Hillside Club (5PM today, $10 admission) on his new book about the Chandler project. Panelists: Eric Allman, Chad Dickerson, Lisa Dusseault and Jaron Lanier.

MP3 of this evening's Cybersalon.

Movie of the panel at this evening's Cybersalon.

A picture named heater.gifThanks to Google I am now on the record with my experience using Affordable Water Heaters. It may not be typical of the company, I hope they treat most of their customers better than they treated me and the reporters who were tracking down complaints about the company from customers and competitors. This new system, also known as Web 2.0 (some people just call it the web) enables customers to help each other -- we are no longer at the mercy of companies who push us around.

Archive.org has an API. Must look into this more closely.

In February there was a lot of buzz about Pipes, Yahoo's construction kit for feeds created from other feeds. A few weeks later it seems a good idea to ask how's it doing?

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A picture named macbook.gifYesterday, I had had enough hand-wringing over the decision to get a new laptop or wait for Apple to announce its new line of computers, so I got in the car and drove down to the Apple store in Emeryville, and bought the computer I had been dreaming about.

I was so on the fence about this, it was totally not an impulse decision, I almost turned around a few times on the ten-minute drive to the store. But I didn't, and now I have the computer, and I couldn't be more pleased. It's a luxurious upgrade from the Blacmac, which is now going to be my stereo's computer, playing music and soon movies (when it gets its own screen).

So the next step is to get EVDO. That's one reason why I upgraded. I had had a $39 per month plan with Tmobile for wifi access at Starbuck's and SFO, and wasn't using the service enough to justify it. I figure for not much more I can have broadband access pretty much everywhere, avoid the $10 per day fee charged by many hotels, and not have to wait for all the wifi carriers to get their roaming agreements together. Everyone else is having fun with EVDO, I want in on the party too!

So now I'm starting to get educated. Sprint or Verizon? Should I wait for an Expresscard version like so many people are? I already have a Cingular Blackberry, so does it make more economic sense to stay with them? I don't see too much talk about their wireless broadband, though, most of the buzz is about Sprint and Verizon. I saw this update come through a few days ago, now it's beginning to make sense how things fit together. What are your experiences?


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