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Naked Jen in South Africa press Permanent link to this item in the archive.

A picture named nj.jpgAnother of my friends, Naked Jen, was part of a protest to save some old trees here in Berkeley. It was written up in a South Africa newspaper, which I get via RSS. "On Saturday, 78 bare-bottomed activists -- some first-time nudists, others lifelong exhibitionists -- joined a half-dozen protesters who have been living in the trees since December."

The TimesOnline quotes wrong Permanent link to this item in the archive.

They quote a top blogger (Scoble) saying "Microsoft sucks."

The only problem is he didn't say that.

Another accuracy-challenged "real" reporter.

Airport Extreme Permanent link to this item in the archive.

A picture named airportExtreme.jpgI just set up a new Airport Extreme at the house.

I thought transfers between my laptop and a server would be considerably faster, but there's no discernable difference. Maybe I still need to buy the $1.99 enabler software, even though this laptop was purchased after they shipped the new Extreme.

I was confused at first when I ran the Airport Admin Utility after installing the new software. It still complained that it wasn't compatible with the new version, but then after reading the MacInTouch review, I realized that they were no longer maintaining it, and ran the new "Airport Utility," and all was good. The setup took just a few minutes, and went smoothly.

Welcome to the camp Permanent link to this item in the archive.

A big change was announced last night, TechCrunch has a CEO, ex Fox Interactive acquisitions director, Heather Harde.

The amazing thing is that TechCrunch has a CEO.

What started as a labor of love by my friend Mike Arrington, a man with a hidden gift for quickly grokking the value in a myriad of web projects, and a deep genuine passion for entrepreneurship, had become first a juggernaut, then a nascent empire, and now shows signs of becoming a for-real empire that harkens back to the heyday of Pat McGovern and Bill Ziff.

I met Heather briefly at Gnomedex last August in Seattle. I know Mike has had his eye on her for a long time. I'm glad he's getting to focus on content, and can only imagine what they have in store. Along with everyone else, I look forward to watching this story unfold.

NY Times update Permanent link to this item in the archive.

I was trolling around looking for another Twitter-related project this morning and I came across a comment from a guy who works at the NY Times saying that: 1. The other nytimes account on Twitter is from the Times itself! 2. They've been there since March 5. 3. They're planning to do more with feeds in Twitter. 4. And they welcome competition.

My first comment to all that: Awesome!

I didn't know who was doing the NY Times twitter-river, but it's great that it's the Times itself. I love it when we get into this mode, where things are moving so fast when on March 18 you can boast (legitimately) that you've been doing it since March 5! That's when you know we're rising up the curve quickly. Reminds me of when podcasting was catching on.


I have more stuff planned too.

Let's have fun!

PS: Jacob Harris from the Times elaborates in a comment here.


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