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Advice for campaigns Permanent link to this item in the archive.

At the end of the last session on Friday they asked the people in the audience to raise their hands with ideas for the campaigns. I had my hand up, but they didn't call on me. Had they, this is what I would have suggested.

Take the money you raise and instead of spending it all on advertising, spend some of it on stuff that helps people now.

Spend 1/4 of the money on political advertising. The usual stuff, attack ads, issue ads, whatever. It's all a waste, but you have to waste some money to persuade the press your campaign is serious. Try to run your ads in media the press follows.

Spend 1/2 of the money on a social program that people care about. Buy health insurance for 50,000 poor people in Mississipi. Install free wifi in one American city for a few years. In 2004, I recommended to Dean that he set up permanent blogging infrastructure because at the time setting up a blog was too hard and unreliable. Now that's no longer a problem.

A picture named goofyPresidentialCandidate.jpgSpend 1/4 of the money telling everyone how you're using 1/2 of the money to help people. This proves that your Presidency will be about solving problems, because you're not waiting to get elected to solve problems. (I predict this will raise you even more money, for you to spend on helping people, and the idea is so fresh, it might actually help you get elected, but even if it doesn't you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you not only helped people in a real way, but you also helped people feel positive about politics. I think net-net this is why a lot of people got behind Dean, something that Dean himself never really appreciated. They wanted to do something powerful to help their country. Politicians tend to be cynical, so they don't get that many people are not inherently cynical.)

Next attempt at Zune Permanent link to this item in the archive.

A picture named zune.gifWhen I was in NY, I picked up a couple of old Windows laptops I had left at my parents' house, out in the garage, in plastic containers. They weathered the east coast winters fine, both booted right up, one has a broken keyboard and the other runs Windows 2000. And they have files I had previously lost, so that's welcome. I'm going to back them up to DVD right away. And I'll use the one with the broken keyboard to try again to setup the Zune that Microsoft generously gave me to play with at Mix 07 in April.

BTW, on the flight back from NY I saw someone using a Zune. Made me think that if I had mine working we could have shared some music over wifi (even though I guess it violates the airline rules).

Checklist Permanent link to this item in the archive.

I started my checklist for my 11-day Europe trip which starts a week from today.

Purchased my Eurail Pass. I have five days starting in Copenhagen and ending in Milano.

They ship it from Newton Center, which is pretty close to where I used to live when I was in Massachusetts.

Thanks for PDF Permanent link to this item in the archive.

I had a wonderful time at the PDF, even though I spent a fair amount of time writing and surfing instead of participating. I really like both of the guys who ran the conference, Andrew and Micah. And everyone was so warm and friendly, much more so than at conferences held in California. How unusual for a NYC event!

Late start Permanent link to this item in the archive.

First post today at 3:25PM.



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