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Today's talk Permanent link to this item in the archive.

Audio of interview with Stephen Evans of BBC World Service.

Today's quick hits Permanent link to this item in the archive.

Jose Marinez: Poor Man's SMS Gateway.

Rex Hammock: Web 3.0 delayed until fourth quarter.

Peter Rojas asks if there's interest in an unconference to discuss the podcast player. I would certainly participate and help organize the event. Podcasting won't be fully ready for prime time until there's a player designed specifically for podcasting.

A picture named sansa.gifA recent article about Steven Rosenberg, who's mediating the dispute with Russo & Hale on Friday.

Todd Cochrane says Google buying Feedburner is "pure evil."

What do you think of Fleck?

Movie of the beautiful beach, pool and patio at the hotel.

Congrats to the Knight Award winners, many of whom are readers of this weblog.

Congrats to Feedburner, whose $100 million payday was confirmed by Mike Arrington. Let's keep an eye on Google hoping they are kind to the ecology of the RSS coral reef.

What is Web 3.0? Permanent link to this item in the archive.

My talk went well, and I did talk briefly about how we should think about Web 3.0. I know other people have said it's the Semantic Web, and maybe that use of the name will stick. I'm with Tim Berners-Lee who says Web 2.0 is really what the web itself is about. He always intended it to be a two-way medium.

First, I think of Web 2.0 as the Two-Way Web, the Read-Write Web, the Web of User-Generated Content. It's Flickr and blogs and wikis. It's everybody creating the medium for everyone else.

Imho, the next step after that, I hope, is the professional media fully embracing the new media, no longer see it as a threat to their continued employment. See amateur public writing, the former audience who is no longer silent, as sources who can get attention for their ideas without going through an intermediary.

A picture named dropdead.gifI think it will continue to shrink until they accept bloggers and podcasters as legitimate sources of news and perspective, without interpretation by professional reporters.

I totally disagree with my friend Robert Scoble who says that newspapers are dead. There's always been too much made of death in the tech world, in fact newspapers are still published, you can pick one up at any airport or train station. Many people have them delivered at home. We often go to newspaper websites for the news. Sure, there are problems, and the world is changing, but imho, we'll all do better if something called the San Francisco Chronicle continues to be published, even though the form of the newspaper will certainly change in the future. It would be a waste of a tradition, of a good coral reef, if newspapers really died. They need to change, and imho, when that change happens, we will safely be in the era of Web 3.0.

If you have questions about this vision, please post a comment here.

Good morning everybody Permanent link to this item in the archive.

A picture named spaceWoman.jpgI'm here at Future In Review, sitting between Dan Gillmor on my left, and Stewart Brand on my right.

We're hearing Cynthia Figge interview Janine Benyus about biomimickry.

I'm interviewed later this morning on ideas for the future in blogging, podcasting, etc.

Last night at dinner I talked with Stewart Brand about future-safing archives, so my schpiel about that is well-rehearsed. I'll certainly talk about that this morning.

Here are some of the questions they asked me to address.

What's on the horizon -- still OPML, podcast player (wifi, open to other apps, recording), real unconferences.

Service I'd like to buy that isn't available right now -- future-safe web sites, relate this to conversation with Charlie Nesson.

What is Web 3.0? Easy to answer. Stay tuned.

Excellent wifi at Hotel del Coronado Permanent link to this item in the archive.

A picture named wifiperf.gif


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