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Phone-to-twittergram breakthrough! Permanent link to this item in the archive.

BlackberryRoger Strickland has a bare-bones phone to Twittergram system working.

I just called his service on my Blackberry, recorded a Twittergram, and it was posted through the web service.


The number to call is 888-281-3613. Don't talk too long (remember the 200K limit). Hang up when you're done.


Others are working in this area as well, but Roger was the first to break through with working functionality.

I'll be leaving a voice TwitterGram from my iPhone, with any luck, in less than an hour.

This is coooooool.

Peets on University has great wifi Permanent link to this item in the archive.

The free wifi from the Apple store reaches across the street into Peets. So you get excellent coverage here and it's free and fast. Thanks Apple.

m.twittergram.com is live! Permanent link to this item in the archive.

Want to hear what people are twittering about on your mobile device?


It works on my Blackberry, it launches a music player app when I click on one of the links, but I haven't figured out how to get it to play. Ooops.

Does it work with the iPhone? We'll find out sooon. ;->

How does it work on your mobile device? Is it TwitterGram-capable?

BTW, we should have a way to post a TwitterGram from a cellphone soon, maybe even later today.

iPhone day arrives Permanent link to this item in the archive.

Big news from Palo Alto. A UPS truck pulls up at the Apple Store. Does it contain the iPhones. No one knows for sure!

It's fun to watch the play by play!

Everybody please remember, it's just a phone, okay?

uncov reviews Pownce Permanent link to this item in the archive.

I love these guys whoever they are.

"Pownce also feels a little bit like Twitter except that its user interface makes you want to gouge your eyeballs out with a fork."

They also point out that it's a lot like FTP, and is an overpriced repackaging of Amazon S3. And that the size limits prevent you from sharing anything really useful.

ISPs from the AOL era Permanent link to this item in the archive.

Quickly, I thought this morning I'd install the Comcast self-install network interface that arrived via UPS yesterday. Well, the first part went quickly, I got connected, but then it wanted me to download an installation kit, which once downloaded on my Mac (it came in as an hqx, so they clearly understood it was a Mac) wouldn't run because it required Internet Explorer. I imagine that's a big support headache for them.

No problem for me, I just launched Parallels, but it couldn't find the cable modem, so I'm stuck, which is probably okay, because I don't really want to install anything to get my second ISP connection in the house. I have six computers, so only one is going to get anything installed on it. And the clue that I didn't want to do it was the requirement that you disable all anti-virus software. Uh huh. Yeah, and why exactly should I do that?

They also require that you get a comcast.net mail address.

When do you think buying Internet connectivity will get you that and only that.

PS: Don Cook, a Mac user, called Comcast, they set it up on their end, and that was that. I figured that's all we had to do. I'll call them tomorrow.


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