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Here's what bothers me about Mahalo Permanent link to this item in the archive.

A picture named teacup.jpgWhen someone gets up and gives a speech about a platform, my mind gets engaged about ways I can have fun or make money.

There's none of that with Mahalo. It's about Jason and his investors making money. Why should I care about that?

It's like the iPhone. Very limited opportunities for us to be creative.

Not my cup of tea.

I hate speeches that are ads Permanent link to this item in the archive.

Calanis is ranting about marketers are intruding on the Internet.

But explain to me how what he's doing is not an ad.

Bold hypocrisy. He's spamming us right now. What a joke.

Sorry for the lack of updates Permanent link to this item in the archive.

I'm mostly sitting around listening to the conference speakers.

Guy Kawasaki was awesome. He and I come from the same school of software. I agree with everything in his talk about evangelism.

Other speakers were pretty good. The first speaker of the morning, Robert David Steele Vivas, was a Rush Limbaugh class idiot. I know Chris has some nutty libertarian ideas, I think he'll outgrow them eventually. But this guy was a total wacko choice to open the show.

Me, I'm practicing silence. Just doing the hallway thing.

Had a great talk with a guy from Netflix, as you know I want them to give the users control of their movie ratings. I think there's a chance they may do it.

I'm using my Flickr-to-Twitter web service to take portraits of all kinds of Gnomesexers. You can see the latest in my Twitter stream or log directly onto Flickr. All of them are tagged with gnomedex07.

Mike Arrington got sick. I think he's in the area, but is missed.

There's a surprise planned for tomorrow evening. Can't say what it is.

Good morning everybody! Permanent link to this item in the archive.

Live-blogging from Gnomedex.

It just started and I'm already bored.

Nothing to do with the conference, I love Chris and Ponzi, but conferences are so brutal.

"Amazon is the hub of the world brain" -- says Robert David Steele Vivas.

"Huh?" -- says Dave Winer.

He mentioned Jello Biafra.

He just called Karl Rove a Nazi. Hey I like this guy.

World's most pissed off end user.

A picture named gnomesex.jpg

"I gave up on Wikipedia because I don't have time to deal with morons."


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