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How about a T-shirt?? Permanent link to this item in the archive.

A picture named phoneShirt.jpgApple is offering a $100 store credit to early iPhone purchasers. Good idea, glad they're responding.

Even better would be to give us something unique, to commemorate the "early days" of the product. A T-shirt maybe, a poster, an iPhone mug from Starbucks? Give people something to feel a part of the team, family, clan, cause. Apple has at times been really good at tuning into this, at other times, not so good.

PS: Scoble wants an SDK so developers can create cool iPhone apps. Of course I do too. But I doubt it's going to happen anytime soon. Look at all the deals they can do if they don't. Starbucks wouldn't need them if there was an SDK. And Tulley's could do their own, as could Peet's, and Whole Foods, etc etc. Apple wants all that business, I'm sure. And they want to be able to sell Starbucks an exclusive. They couldn't if there was an SDK. So I bet we'll have to settle for the T-shirt or coffee mug, until someone routes around them.

From the Mind of Twitter Permanent link to this item in the archive.

From Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter at 10:35AM: "We had some unforeseen traffic bite us during our scheduled downtime this morning. Working hard to resolve it now."

12:25PM: It's back up.

Apple announcements, Day 2 Permanent link to this item in the archive.

Apple and Nokia fighting over customers in Google ads. Love to see this. Customers rule!

About the $200, not a big deal. If you buy Apple products and you're worried about a small piece of change like that, you should buy a Toshiba or Acer or Compaq. Even Dell is cheap compared to Apple.

However this Q&A with Jobs is a bit much. Not quite sure why I don't like it so much. Maybe because I don't think his competitors are quite as ruthless as he is. Maybe what he really means is this is how Apple works, not how technology works.

Wired's blog nails it with four ways Apple blew it yesterday.

One more thing. Jim Forbes says that the cheers and applause at Apple announcements come from Apple people sitting in the first rows, not from reporters. I didn't know that. Seems that reporters should include that in every press report until Apple stops doing it. It's really tacky, like a laugh-track on an old 60s television comedy. To be clear, the people who are cheering are paid to cheer. Maybe others disagree with Jim??

Today's links Permanent link to this item in the archive.

Yes Twitter, we're hanging tight. Meanwhile suspension of disbelief is suspended.

Feeling much better Permanent link to this item in the archive.

Yesterday was the first feel-good day after a horrible bout with whatever it was that hit me and dragged me under.

But Naked Jen, who said she had the same disease, warned against believing you're better when you start feeling better. She fell for it, and ended up being sick for two weeks. I've had that happen too.

So I spent yesterday bumming around, sleeping a lot, reading, did a little writing, etc. And today I feel even better. But I'm still going to ease out of the disease, not try to make up for lost time. I'll go to breakfast with the crew in a few, and then do some food shopping. Maybe a short walk, and more of the routine of the last week. Fluids, rest, nothing too heavy.

The goal is to feel even better tomorrow, and do a little more tomorrow.


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