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The scoop on the Leopard delays Permanent link to this item in the archive.

7PM: I got my disk.

9:25PM: Updating in Leopard. The OPML Editor seems to work. Whew. Not sure what I would have done if it didn't. When it finally finished installing it started playing some really happy music and of course it sounded really good. Things definitely look nicer. Screen sharing is very nice, nicer than Chicken of the VNC which I had just started using. Obviously there's a lot of new stuff to learn. I'm backing up my laptop now so I can really dig into this tomorrow. I got started on my Mac Mini in the den, a relatively new system. If I had to wipe it, it wouldn't have been that big a deal.

A picture named jewWrestler.jpgFirst, the big news is that lines are forming at Apple stores. Send links to pictures. Oh the humanity.

Second, the reason those of us who ordered in advance are not getting our Leopards is that Fedex couldn't handle the load.

Even so, when I called Fedex this morning they said I would have my package today, even though the website says otherwise. Their gears are stipped on a good day. Is Fedex the AT&T of package delivery? Will Apple end up leasing their own fleet of trucks to deliver the next version of Mac OS? I guess we still have to make it through this release.

Will we be able to have a Flash Conference on Monday to discuss Leopard? Only time will tell.

MacInTouch first look. (Clearly canned.)

Ryan Block has his first review up.

Chuck Shotton found a workaround for an issue that seems likely to bite many Leopard newbies.

Raines Cohen was in Austin for the Leopard ship.

You can see how Apple has not! prioritized getting Leopards into the hands of people who might help others get started. John Gruber of Daring Fireball is posting pithy observations on the size of human eyeballs, Brent Simmons is giving up for the day, no Leopard on his doorstep. Are there problems with Leopard? Chuck says so. Do we have any idea the scale of the problems? Nope.

No Leopard for Dave?? Permanent link to this item in the archive.

Anyone have an idea what "Future delivery requested" means?

Very perplexed and somewhat unhappy.

No one seems to know what "Future delivery requested" means.

Update: Now the Fedex site says I'll have it by 5:30PM. On the bright side that means I'll get more work done today.

Flash conference, day 2 Permanent link to this item in the archive.

Chuck Shotton has his Leopard, but hit a wall. "Leopard's migrate user function has failed 3 times on 3 separate clean installs. This is a seriously broken, critical piece of the OS."

Mossberg and Pogue missed it, didn't make it into USA Today.

That's the motivation behind the flash conference idea. After two or three days, organize the knowledge as covered by the bloggers, really cover it as tech news has never been covered before.

If necessary, have another flashconf two weeks or a month later.


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