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Bijan says content synching is a mess. What this Tweet points to.

How to make plants talk... with Twitter! What this Tweet points to.

Andrew Sullivan sings his goodbye song to the Clintons. What this Tweet points to.

The Dems are playing hardball with McC! Lovin it. What this Tweet points to.

New Gallup national poll, Obama 47, Clinton 46. What this Tweet points to.

More test posts coming, adding new features to my new toy. What this Tweet points to.

Just made a few changes so this is just a test. Please ignore. What this Tweet points to.

Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R-TX) on This Week, making a lot of sense about Cuba.  What this Tweet points to.

Frank Rich's scathing postmortem of the Clinton campaign.  What this Tweet points to.

What am I up to? Permanent link to this item in the archive.

I have a neat little app that runs in the OPML Editor that, every five minutes, gathers all the new twits from people I'm following, and runs them over a set of "callback" scripts, that can do whatever they want to with them. The first one I wrote looks for an exclamation point at the beginning of one of the ones I wrote and routes it to a special place on Scripting News.

This is quite visible because 4700 people follow me on Twitter, and they all see the exclams at the beginning of some of my twits, and some have asked for the script. Not much point in that, because it only works with my one-off CMS. It could be made to work with blogs that use the OPML Editor outliner, but there aren't many of those. If someone in that community asks, I'll upload the app, and keep it updated, that's easy, but without support (not easy).

I may add the ability to put callbacks in a folder outside the OPML Editor, written in AppleScript, if there's enough interest. But that's not a promise.

I wrote this for myself -- not to solve a problem for others.

I think the right way to deal with this, btw, is for the developers of Wordpress, Movable Type, Blogger, etc to do the polling of Twitter on behalf of their users. I think Twitter makes a decent linkblogging user interface. People with blogs are using it that way -- I am. Now I don't have to feel so guilty because the links make their way back to Scripting News, where they started. ;->


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I'm a California voter for Obama.

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