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NPR: Walter Cronkite, The Nation's Narrator.

NY Times: Walter Cronkite, Iconic Anchorman, Dies.

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I'm just one guy programming away, but I have met Valentino Rossi, and when I'm very productive, as I have been this week, I feel like I'm programming the way he rides a motorcycle.

When things are clicking, programming-wise, it activates other parts of my creativity. I cook more imaginatively, and I consider moving to Italy, so I can enjoy the good life while reorganizing the world. They have Internet in Italy so it's hard to imagine how Berlusconi could interfere.

Anyway, this is not an earth-shaking announcement. I just got something working today that I imagined for quite some time, and it's nice.

A picture named moto.gifThe goal is to have a Small Pieces Loosely Joined equivalent of Twitter.

I know now that there are people at Google who share this vision. They have the resources to do centralization. What we have to make sure is that the Rest Of Us have the ability to route around the centralization. I hope they don't take it personally at Google, but enough with letting one company control the flow of the real-time web. There are always pundits who are willing to sell us out to the BigCo's, but I am not one of them. Never have. I remember when Google was One Of Us. Hopefully that thread still runs strong inside them now that they are a BigCo.

While everyone was debating the morality of Arrington releasing the Twitter info, I was thinking "Geez these people are focusing on the wrong stuff." The real question is how big TwitterCorp plans to get while holding the control tightly within the confines of their Corp. That can't work. It never has. I'm amazed that smart people like the people who run Twitter are willing to bet on that, still, so far into it. That they think a single company can run the Pulse of the Planet is a sign that they are drinking too much of their own Kool Aid. This can't work. Can't.

Anyway, here's what I have working.

A Twitter-like RSS feed with a single subscriber who gets notified by the cloud when the feed has updated. It then reads the feed and displays the new stuff. This all happens before I can refresh the page. It's the same speed as the connection between Twitter and FriendFeed. Now there will be people who say it can't scale. 1. They don't know. 2. They might be right. And even if it's slower than Twitter, it's worth the tradeoff. Because Twitter is going to break. Be sure of it. Nothing in the history of the Internet has ever done what they're trying to do. I don't know for sure, but I suspect it can't be done. And even if it can, it's bad.

Anyway, time for me to enjoy what's left of the day. It's gorgeous in California. I'm going to get some exercise then have my Italian dinner and then more work tomorrow! Buongiorno and arrivaderci! ;->


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