Download Google Reader subs before Monday

You should download your subscription list before Google Reader shuts down on Monday, even if you have already migrated to another RSS service. It's a good piece of data to have a copy of, and it's a small file -- mine is about 13K.

How to download your Google subs list

To download, click this link. It will create a file called google-reader-subscriptions.xml in your Downloads folder. That's the link that will not work after Monday.

It's like your email contact list. When you go to another service, you can give them this file so they can subscribe you to the same feeds you were subscribed to in Google Reader.

How to open in your list in Fargo

If you want, you can open in the Fargo outliner. Here's how you do it:

1. Change the file name to something short like subs.opml.

2. Copy it to Dropbox/Apps/Fargo.

3. In Fargo, choose Open in the File menu.

4. Click on subs.opml.

5. See what you have. Organize it into folders with the outliner commands.

Here's a screen shot of what my subscription list looks like.

Posted: Wed, 26 Jun 2013 22:34:20 GMT