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Contact Details

Contact from Product (name, email):

Dave Winer,

Contact from Marketing / PR (name, email):

Dave Winer,

Spokesperson at DBX (name, email):

Dave Winer,

Social Media

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We have one but there's nothing there.


Product Integration with Dropbox:

Name of product being integrated with Dropbox (if different to company name)

Product description

Fargo is a simple idea outliner, notepad, todo list, project organizer.

It's an HTML 5 application, written in JavaScript, runs in any compatible browser, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft IE 10.

Describe your product integration with Dropbox (or potential of the integration)

The users' files are stored in Dropbox, using the Dropbox API. They are accessible anywhere Dropbox is. You can share files with other users, or publicly.

Impact on the end user (realized or anticipated impact)

User has access to all their data, no need to export.

Their outlines are available everywhere, instantly.

Their work can be published using Dropbox as the back-end, and Fargo as the CMS.


Please provide an approved quote we can use about the product integration. This may be featured in a blog post or press release.

Dropbox is a deeply transformative and open networked storage environment. Because Fargo is built around Dropbox, users don't have to export their data. It's all sitting in a folder on their desktop (and tablet, smartphone, desktop, server, you name it).

Other developers have to worry about synchronization. We don't. That's all taken care of by Dropbox from Day One.

We used to say the network is the computer, but we're seeing more and more that Dropbox is the computer. Once some data is available in my Dropbox, the question of which computer does what is entirely fungible.

How much do you love Dropbox?

Totally and unconditionally!

Company Background:

Company description: short and/or long form

Small Picture is a privately held company founded by Dave Winer and Kyle Shank in December 2012.

Dave Winer has a long history in the tech industry. He is the founder of Living Videotext, founded in 1981, created the first personal computer outliners, ThinkTank, Ready and MORE. UserLand Software, founded in 1988, created Frontier, integrated development tools and web content management software for desktop computers. UserLand developed the first blogging software, Manila and Radio, and pioneered the development of RSS aggregator and interapplication protocols. Winer was the first blogger, and pioneered the development of podcasting, in 1994 and 2001 respectively. He has been a researcher at Harvard and NYU and has a MS in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin, and a BA in Mathematics from Tulane University.

Kyle Shank has worked as a consultant to Silicon Valley tech companies. He has worked within the software group at IBM in Massachusetts, North Carolina and Zurich, Switzerland. In 2005 he cofounded the first open source Ruby on Rails specific IDE RadRails based on Eclipse. Kyle graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2007 with a BS in Software Engineering.

Primary customer segment: Consumer or SMB or Enterprise (pick one)

Consumer (but that barely covers it, our product is used by individuals, professionals, teachers, in all walks of live).

Number of users: please share some metrics on the size of your user base.

Very small, we're still mostly in development mode.

Logo: please send us your highest resolution logo and branding guidelines, if available.

Posted: Thu, 27 Jun 2013 19:53:44 GMT