How to write a blog post with Fargo

One of the many new things you can do with Fargo is create blog posts.


First, what you're reading right now is a blog post.

Second, we've set up a demo site to illustrate all the techniques of blogging with Fargo, for a fictitious senior evangelist at a big tech company called Bloatware. Here's a blog post from her site.

Now I want to show you how to do it!

Open a named outline

To create a blog post so others can view it, you must have a public place to put it. In Fargo, those are called named outlines.

If you have a named outline, please open it now. If not, here's how you can create one.

1. Choose the New command from the File menu.

2. Enter a title, something like My Public Outline. Click OK.

3. Enter a little bit of text in the first headline, and click the Save button in the right margin if you don't have autosave turned on.

4. Choose Name Outline from the File menu. Your name must be at least 4 characters long, and be unique. You'll get feedback from Fargo as you enter the name.

With your named outline open, you're now ready to create a blog post!

Entering your blog post

1. Create a new headline by clicking on the big plus icon in the left margin. Enter the title of your blog post, something like Welcome to my blog!

2. Indent by pressing the tab key, and enter the text of your post.

3. Put the cursor on the top headline, click the Eye icon in the left margin. A new tab should open in your browser, and with any luck you'll see your post.

4. Copy the url from the title bar of the browser and send it to your friends.

5. That's all there is!

Your blog has an RSS feed

Fargo automatically creates an RSS feed for every named outline.

If the outline is named kim, then the feed is here:

Posted: Sat, 29 Jun 2013 20:12:53 GMT