The design process

First, I'm sorry for the rock and roll in the blogging interface in the last day or so. It'll continue through today and tomorrow, and then on Saturday I'll give it a rest and let things settle in a little. I'll be available for debugging and workarounds of course.

Here's what I'm trying to do...

1. I want the newbie experience with Fargo as a blogging tool to be very satisfying.

Think about what it's like to set up a WordPress blog today, or if you go back with me a long ways, what it was like to set up a Manila site long ago. You basically enter a little info, click a button and off you go. The blogging just takes care of itself, until you want to customize stuff. Then the options should all be there.

2. I'm working on the outline type first.

I get a feature working the way I want it to work in, then I move it over into the default template in the server. That way I know it pretty much works before it has any effect on users' sites.

3. I have a site called that is empty except for the calendar.

This lets me know what the newbie user will experience. It should look pretty good, that's the goal.

4. At this point I can't promise no breakage,

But if there is any and it can't be undone, we will come up with a not-too-awful workaround, usually by providing # directive that puts things back the way it was before.

5. Please read the UI tweaks blog post carefully.

I'll add notes there as we go along. When someone encounters a problem, I'll document the fix there, if one was required. By reading this first, you'll help keep the amount of support needed to a minimum and that will be much appreciated,

Also, remember the view source of Fargo. If you want to see how something is done, that's the quickest way to find out.

Posted: Thu, 04 Jul 2013 19:11:13 GMT