Technote: How Fargo tells Trex you updated

When a Fargo outline is saved, two things happen:

1. We make a call to the Dropbox API to update the file in their network. This causes the changed version of the file to show up in your Fargo folder -- not just on the machine you're using but on every machine that's connected to your Dropbox account.

2. If it's a named outline, we send a POST request to your domain. This has the effect of telling Trex , the content management system behind Fargo , that your outline has updated. It invalidates the cached version of your outline. The next time a request for a page on your site comes in, it will reload the outline. That's how your changes get reflected.

Why this is important:

1. It's possible that your updates are not being reflected in your website for a long time. At least one user has reported this, and we're trying to figure out why it's happening. We've ruled out #1, so it seems likely that the POST request isn't getting through for some reason.

2. It's also why, if you want to see new features in the framework on your posts, you may have to save your outline, to clear the cache on the server. Saving your outline will cause every one of your posts to be re-rendered the first time they are accessed after the cache is cleared.

Posted: Fri, 05 Jul 2013 11:04:59 GMT